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AuthorTopic: Looking for Amiga motherboard or parts for pimped out custom amiga project.  (Read 1080 times)

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Offline haywirepc

Oh NO I'm going down the rabbit hole again...

Anyone got any working amiga 500, 600 or 1200 motherboards?

I have been using a dedicated amiga emulation pc (dell 3.0ghz pc) which
doubles as aros box for quite awhile now. Like many who went this route, I still miss real classic amiga hardware for sure.

My 1200 (my last real amiga) I miss terribly.

Going to go back down the rabbit hole. I want to build and or create a really custom pimped out amiga. (frankenmiga I suppose)

Most likely in a desktop case, though I guess this may depend on the motherboard I'm able to get. I'd prefer amiga 1200 motherboard so it can do aga but if someone has something else especially cheap I'm all ears.

I love the wedge cases, but I think to add all I want to add, I will need alot more space. I always wanted but never had an a4000 so I suppose an a1200 based build put into a desktop case would be the closest I can get.

Prefer someone who would just like to sell a motherboard cheap to a good home. I also have a 16 cd collection of  original real aminet cd's for partial trade (or hopefully to get you to cheapen the price!) :)

Please post publicly here what you have or pm me with prices including shipping to Philadelphia,Pa,USA

Offline giZmo350


I have a mini-franky! Welcome back to the dark side and good luck with your AmiQuest!
A500: 2MB Chip, 8MB Fast, IndiECS, MiniMegi, IDE4ZorroII on Z-500, KS1.3/KS3.1, WB3.1&BWB
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A1200: 2MB Chip, 64MB Fast, 4GBCF, GVP Typhoon 030 @40MHz w/FPU, Subway USB, EasyNet Ethernet, Indi AGA MKI, FastATA MK-IV, Internal Slim CD/DVD-RW, WB3.5

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Offline Tenacious

Is this your 1st time back to gen-u-ine Amiga hardware, or, have you cycled thru this before?  :)

Offline haywirepc

Second time. First time back with a 1200 in standard wedge case. After awhile with fighting with its flakiness I gave up. On reflection, I think the 1200 was fine it was a flaky accellerator card I should have just replaced. Anyhow, after that I built a dedicted emulation system, with windows shell removed. Thats nice, fast, works okay most of the time but yes you miss the real feel.
Now I suppose I'm wondering how far down the rabbit hole I will go this time... Classics can get costly fast, especially with the flakiness of old hardware.

Offline Tenacious

It may sound strange, but, I often enjoy my simpler A500 setup over the full blown A3000.  It seems more authentic, somehow.

Offline haywirepc

Yeah thats what I figure too. I don't think I'd miss aga that much, so a pimped out 500,2000 or 3000 may be fine for me...
Still,I'd probably prefer a system with aga though, lots of aga demos and things I'd be unable to run otherwise. I was always surprised that commodore never did an aga upgrade kit for the older machines.

Offline Duce

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I do have an A1200, gutted.  Complete sans case and hard disk.  The case was extremely beat up and I originally tore it apart (and discarded the plastic case housing) to throw it into a 1U rack case, but it's likely something I will never finish.

Has:  Mobo, metal shield, floppy, PSU, Mouse, original OS floppies, IDE cable, keyboard assembly with ribbon cable.  Basically everything sans outer case and hard disk.

Pay shipping and it's free to a good home, Haywire.  PM if interested - I'm in Canada, so shipping would not be a hell of a lot I don't imagine.  Rather see it get used than see it collect dust here.  

Works fine and was running in desktop form with with a PPC/040 accel and BVision until I parted it out and hucked the case out.  Case was too dinged up to salvage really, and I've never been a fan of wedge cases to begin with, heh.

Offline haywirepc

PMED you. That would be awesome! I have a case it can go into. Thanks so much!

Offline haywirepc

Sent you a pm Duce, if you didn't get it let me know on this thread. Not sure why but I've been having login troubles here. In any case, let me know the shipping and your paypal address I suppose? Would love to get this motherboard from you that would be awesome... I have a case, can get the ps2 adapter, net card and keyboard from amigakit I think, then will try and locate an accelerator.

I may still have a 4 gig cf card and adapter I think... If so even without an accellerator it would be an awesome start.

Frankenmiga begins!



Offline haywirepc

Via pm I was overjoyed to read...

Duce is sending me this a1200 motherboard and related parts.

I'm excited... Visions of a real amiga are dancing in my head.

Now I will need - a scandoubler, probably going for one of those ebay ones that are inexpensive and work pretty well from all I have heard...

Joysticks - Anyone have any for sale? Please pm me. I need a few.

networking card - I guess amigakit wins on this, they have them working...

Accelerator - come on someone pm me if you have an a1200 accellerator you don't need or use. I drool when seeing a 68060 amiga 1200. Would love one of those but I don't have a huge budget so I suppose a 68030/50mhz would be good until I get get the ultimate cpu upgrade someday...

Mediator - never went the mediator route on a 1200 but since this will be in a desktop case or mid tower case that would be awesome. RTG and usb are alot easier with this. Anyone got a used one you never used? PM ME.

Cd-rom - I will need a cdrom for this machine, someone have one in parts? Pm me... Wait can an a1200 ide do dvd-rom? I'm not sure but if so I want one of those, if not cd-rom is good.

cf card adapter and cf cards - 4 gig 2 of them. cables to do 2 4 gig cf cards so I guess 2 adapters. Wait, what about my cd-rom? Maybe one 8gig cf card is better, leaving one place for the cd-rom/dvd drive?

OS 3.9 cd... Anyone have one? PM ME.

3.1 amiga 1200 rom. Not sure what this motherboard I am getting has... May need 3.1 kickstart.

Perfect sound sound digitizer and software - if you have this, pm me. This machine will be in my studio, used to audio. Allright I'm going to play alot of games on it but I hope to do some actual work on it too with that beautiful Paula colored audio for drum beats and so on. Perfect sound worked great back in the day for making samples. Hope it will again...

Anyone with any of these parts who wants to help a former amigan come back to real classic amiga hardware, please pm me...

The build will soon begin. Will post amiga build porn pics for those interested as this project progresses...

Best regards,
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Offline Thorham

Quote from: haywirepc;749521
Wait can an a1200 ide do dvd-rom?
Sure. It can handle anything that's IDE/ATAPI, all you need is the driver software. I have a 22 speed DVD re-writer on my A1200. That said, not all models of CD/DVD ROM/Rewriter are going to work entirely properly, because of incompatibilities with the available file systems, but most stuff will be fine.

Quote from: haywirepc;749521
I hope to do some actual work on it too with that beautiful Paula colored audio for drum beats and so on.
It's not Paula, it's the samples that are used. That Paula colors Amiga audio in special way is a common misconception.
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