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Author Topic: BoxWorld Gold version.  (Read 713 times)


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BoxWorld Gold version.
« on: April 02, 2004, 04:50:02 AM »
With some help from Imb}E and other places, I was able to update BoxWorld to gold version, with the long demanded double sized graphics. Also there are 2 new boxtypes and new terrain type, which makes possibility for really competetive puzzles and it's not 1:1 sokoban clone anymore. With grand total of 438 levels, it should keep the puzzle fans busy for months, but if someone wants to contribute levels - feel free to do so. Currently there is no level editor, but new levels can be designed with text editor, or I can create fast one. Here is a description of the Level format:

Example level:

_DangerWorld05 dc.b 8,8
        dc.b    "@@@@@@@@"
        dc.b    "@H.H.HH@"
        dc.b    "@HCIIIH@"
        dc.b    "@HCHYHH@"
        dc.b    "@.CMNHH@"
        dc.b    "@PHF.FH@"
        dc.b    "@CMMMMM@"
        dc.b    "@@@@@@@@"

First byte means level width (Max 20).
The second byte is for level height (Max 15).

Then the actual levels data follows. Each char represents a block of the level. '@' means wall,'.' means grass, 'C' means Cone,  B means Box, I means IceBox, F means Filled box (Box over an cone), Y means Filled IceBox, N means InertBox, M means InertBox over an Cone (Can be using for hiding cones and fooling the player that the level is imposible to complete), H means rought terrain and P means Player (initial start position).

As of today I have decided not to release the source code for this game, since I don't like some pirate shark using the levels in his/her own (non Amiga) product. Feedback is welcome. If you are still interested in the game - http://drhirudo.hit.bg
 It was reported that's a little slow host (sorry), but I can't connect to the web1000 ftp, and seems their services are gone....