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Author Topic: How to create classic Amiga games? Ready to use Libraries? Environment?  (Read 2970 times)


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Checking to see what environments and libraries exist for Amiga, and since I'm not too much inside the Amiga world; I have found good things like this:


and I hope they are not programming it using only assembler,

Where the question comes from,

-Is there an equivalent to the Atari Game Tools but for Amiga? With its roots (video and audio drivers) in assembler and C functions to make it more affordable to program? Because if so, everything that can be done with the AGT, could be transferred to an A500+ or A600 (for the 2 MB of Chip RAM)

Let's see what we discover among all,


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There are very few engines on the Amiga because most developers found writing OS-friendly code to be a disaster of bad performance.  As for the Metro Siege game, the tools used for it include Spriter beta, a Windows program for making modular animation, and ProMotion by Cosmigo (also Windows-only).

If you are looking for tools that actually can work on an actual Amiga, there is an engine with a graphical scripting language called RedPill.