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AuthorTopic: Dead CyberVision 64?  (Read 496 times)

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Dead CyberVision 64?
« on: February 20, 2020, 01:38:59 AM »
I acquired this card a few years ago and have been meaning to install it.  I have been fighting this thing the past couple days and I am all but ready to declare it dead.   When I first installed it, I was seeing the card under "show config" and "showcgxconfig"  I have installed this in my A4000 "project" machine with A3640 cpu, GVP Impact 2000HC8 with 8 meg of ram and 16M on MB and Mediator III daughter card.    I am running CybergraphX4 patches 4-6. I am only seeing it on "show config" as a phase 5 with 64 meg and "showcgxconfig" is showing "0 devices found".   It acts like it switches video but I don't  get anything on the screen.  I get passthru  video only.

When the a4000 boots, the oscilloscope shows that the CV64 switches on the HSync and VSync on but it appears I am not getting any RGB video out of the S3 Trio chip.  Also one thing that seems odd to me is that all the chips are warm to the touch except the 8 memory chips.  They are ice cold.  My 5v, 12v, and -12v are fine.  This A4000 I recapped it as well as the PS.

This is a project A4000 and I wiped the HD and started with OS3.1.  Any of the CV64 versions 214-218 on Amiga database all give a "software failure" on boot up.  I have the original disk for CyberGraphX4 so I installed that first with all RC 4-6 updates.  I then upgraded to 3.9, then BB1, then BB2 with the same results of "showcgxconfig" is showing "0 devices found".  I have even uninstalled CGX4 and installed P96.

The caps on the CV64 are square yellow ceramics and don't appear to be shorted with an ohm meter.  However, from 5v - gnd I get about 60 ohms.  Nothing is getting hot just warm except the 8 memory chips.

I have another Amiga 4000D with CyberVisionPPC and it worked right out of the gate.  It is still running CGX4 without any updates.  I put the CV64 in that A4000 and it acts the same.  I get showcgxconfig only shows the cybervisionppc but show config, scout and sysinfo all show the CV64 Phase 5 with 64 Meg of memory.

On both machines after a reboot, I get Software Failure 810000FF

Does anybody know if these cards are noted for certain components dying?  There is nothing obvious to me.
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Re: Dead CyberVision 64?
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2020, 07:09:30 PM »
I will be keeping an eye on this thread. I have a Cybervision 64/3D I have been using for a long time, and now it crashes that system quite frequently. It still usually works, but it get Guru's every 10 minutes or so. Switched over to my Retina Z3 and everything is peaches and cream. Shame because I really like the Cybervision.
I was thinking maybe the RAM was bad, which is why it only crashes now and again.