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AuthorTopic: These are NOT Amiga's a fellow vintage computer enthutiast claims...  (Read 2309 times)

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Re: These are NOT Amiga's a fellow vintage computer enthutiast claims...
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2019, 12:23:37 AM »
They NEVER successfully upgraded the core Amiga technology in line with Moore's Law or even gave the green light to Ranger with Jay's graphics and graphics memory upgrades.

Ranger graphics is a myth, the ranger prototype that was revealed a couple of years ago bears an uncanny resemblance to the byte by byte Pal (it's a zorro 1 backplane with c00000 ranger ram).

AGA was a reasonable upgrade, although I would agree it was a couple of years too late and was missing chunky pixels.

It even supported VRAM according to the documentation, using the otherwise unused UHRES registers. No idea if they actually work in practise, or whether its like the 8 mb chip ram jumper.

I haven't found evidence, but there is a suggestion online UHRES is also supported by ECS. In which case it might be that this is exactly what Jay was talking about. It's unclear how vram would work in practise.

I don't really get Jay's attitude, he was against doing the fat agnus which seems to be why the group got shut down but the original design was supposed to be for a games console. There is no way that would have survived at the price point that would have been necessary with the A1000 chipset design, I'm not sure it would have made it at the A500 price point either. After the VCS and Atari 8 bit then I would have thought he would have realised what was required in terms of cost reduction.
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