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AuthorTopic: FA: keyboard A4000, 68060, GVP GForce, A2320, AppleCD 150, A2058 and some more  (Read 1760 times)

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Offline AllocVec


I just put some new auctions on ebay, shipping is worldwide. Beginning at EUR 1,-:

Motorola 68060 CPU

original keyboard for the Amiga 4000 in nice condition

also beginnning above EUR 1,-:

GVP G-Force 030 turbocard

A2320 flickerfixer/scandoubler

complete external SCSI kit AppleCD 150

A2058 RAM expansion


and ending this sunday:

Picasso IV graphics card in the original box, scnadoubler/flickerfixer module is still connected

airbrushed mouse in very nice condition

original Quickjoy SV122 joystick

as well, as a lot other amiga auctions (Scandoubler/Flickerfixer, turbocards, software , hardware, books and many more)