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Author Topic: Want the latest AmigaOS v3.9? Viper1260 for Amiga 1200? Want 060 power?  (Read 1322 times)


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Well. For those wich didnt know. amigaworld.org have a service called Amiga Shopping Guide.

This is a service for the community. You wonder how much you need to pay for a product. Then you should use the service:


Send your mail to us, with the requested product and we find out where to buy your requested product cheapest. The site is free for advertisers and will be so. It's a honest service, to give Amiga people and even Amiga companies to think.

To this day. Datakompaniet here in Norway is one of the most expensive companies it seems. Thats www.amigashop.com With our service, companies will also be better competitors. Even in such small marked as the Amiga is.

mail your product here: mberg@broadpark.no

Michal, www.amigaworld.org
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