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Author Topic: The Belgian Amiga Club - 3 years !  (Read 1147 times)


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The Belgian Amiga Club - 3 years !
« on: December 20, 2006, 07:44:59 PM »
24 December 2003 om 17:14:26 uur

That's when our counter started counting...... So not only do we have the birthday of Jesus but also the Belgian Amiga Club is born that evening . And this will be celebrated on the 13th of January together with our first club meeting of 2007.
The Three Kings bring with them :

-Pieter Van Den Abeele who is sent over by BBRV-Genesi to show the power of Efika. (thnx again BBRV). For the ones who wonder: No he is not a blue troll, this the info I got from BBRV:
Pieter is one of the Gentoo PowerPC Founders and to this day is a Leader of that Community. He is also the person that developed the award winning Home Media System that won the FTF Best of Show in 2005.  


So if you wonder an Efika is worth the purchase, I guess you can get a pretty good idea that day.

-AmigaOne's and some Pegasos are here to see ... as ALWAYS. And if your lucky, most of the times there is someone here from Hyperion that can answer some questions.
The Belgian AmigaClub is THE place to exchange information in real life in the Benelux.

-Some nice things to win in our classic gaming contest. Last year it was a DVDwriter, an OS4-game and t-shirts handed out by Hyperion and a bottle of champagne. So this year it will be similar... but I will keep the exact details as a surprise.

-Speaking of champagne... every New Year has to begin with some, so believe me, you wont stay thirsty for long.

So, if you are not too far from us ( look @ http://users.pandora.be/amigaone/amigaclub/route.html ) I would like to extend the invitation for you to visit and celebrate with us!