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AuthorTopic: Is there a way to make pointer behave like NTSC while still PAL is set  (Read 677 times)

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Offline Ancalimon

As you can see from the subject field, my technical knowledge is nill and programming skills are limited to
10 print "Amiga"
20 goto 10

What I am trying to achive is smooth moving mouse pointer on my CVisionPPC screen

I use a utility called tude (should be on aminet) to switch to ntsc and When I do that mouse pointer starts to move smoothly on my CVisionPPC screen (which I finetuned to 50hz  I think).

I used this script:
run >NIL: C:tude hertz=hwntsc

But this messed with PAL programs and modules as far as I remember (I haven't used my 4000T since 2003 and it's being repaired right now)

If that was the case I used:
run >NIL: C:tude hertz=hwpal

What I'd like to know is if it's possible to make the pointer behave like that hwntsc but keep the timing or whatever to PAL so that games modules etc played all right.
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