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AuthorTopic: The Wedding Crashers  (Read 519 times)

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The Wedding Crashers
« on: July 28, 2005, 09:45:53 PM »
Seen at the Pueblo Tinseltown.
Well, this was great adult comedy. I initially thought Vince Vaughn would be the weak link and Owen Wilson would steal the show but this was not the case. Vaughn was absolutely brilliant here. The scene with him talking to Wilson on the steps after Wilson complained about the breast exposure (Jane Seymour) left us all rolling. Vaughn's character gets a rough deal in this show but the audience loves it. I shudder to think what Gloria Cleary did to him while he was tied to the bed...
Even Will Ferrel was entertaining as the lunatic Chaz who crashes funerals.
This is a must see if you like adult comedies.