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AuthorTopic: Amiga Resurection - My A1200 !  (Read 788 times)

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Offline ckillerh3

Amiga Resurection - My A1200 !
« on: January 06, 2005, 10:56:52 PM »
Hi -

I dug my Amiga 1200 out of its original box and decided that as fun project I want to connect it to the Internet !

What kind of limitations are there to the native video mode?
On my PC web pages come up with fancy colors, video, etc. What will web pages look like with the Amiga 1200 I wonder.

Amiga 1200 with 3.0 ROMs, 3.1 OS
GVP 030/33Mhz with FPU
8 Meg Fast RAM, 2 Meg CHIP Ram
C= 1950 Monitor


Stephen in NJ
Amiga 4000D/040 Warp Engine/SCSI-CD/Cybergraphic64/X-Surf
Amiga 1200T 060/60 PPC603e BVision and more
Amiga 1200 nice white case GVP1230/1291SCSI
Amiga 2500 stock 2630 GVP HC+8(4)CD-ROM

Offline neofree

Re: Amiga Resurection - My A1200 !
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2005, 11:27:48 PM »
Your amiga is spec'd OK for it, but it'll be kinda cramped. Some of the TCP/IP software I've seen is too tall for 640x200.   Might not be an issue for you since you cant run 3.9.  Not sure what your options are for getting TCP/IP today are.  I did it for awhile tho (OS3.9).. Wasn't impressed by it, but I primarily was playing old games.    I'm running (Well will be running once i get it fixed) BlizzarPPC with BVision (up to 1600x1200 at 24bit) now, so it's a lot better.  Browser still has limits though.  IBrowse and AWeb are both actively updated.  They do HTML and JavaScript (mostly), but no CSS, Flash, Java, etc.  Many sites work, but still plenty of them don't as well.  If they're just HTML and Pics, they look identical to the PC.