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I bought my A2000 W/ GForce 030 second hand back in the 90's with 2.0. First thing I did, before I got a PIV was upgrade to 3.1 and never looked back. Sooo much better.

Well, it’s worth a try, but be prepared for problems. There will probably be some incompatibilities due to the older CGX API and not all features being available under Kickstart 2. Let us know how it goes.
Thanks for your answer,

For CybergraphX v.3, it seems that kickstart 2.x is enough :


As far as I am aware, no version of P96 or CGX is compatible with Kickstart 2. You’ll need to upgrade.

There’s the ancient EGS system that I believe works on Kickstart 2, but very little software is compatible with it and I don’t think the PIV is supported.
Hi, i own an A2000 with kickstart 2.05 and a GVP Gforce 040 (For me, kickstart 2.0 is the "natural" kickstart for an A2000). I own and i would like to install a Picasso IV in this computer. The latest version of Picasso96 requires kickstart 3.x. Do you know which version of Picasso96 software i have to install with the 2.05 kickstart ? Other question : can i have WB screen with 256 colors under kickstart 2.05 ?

Thanks for your answer.
Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: Amiga OS
« Last post by Gryfon on August 05, 2021, 01:57:56 PM »
Amiga Forever Plus Edition by Cloanto will provide you with all Workbench 1.x up to 3.x versions, including preconfigured hard disk files and ADF images.
Amiga Magazines / Amiga Future Archive DVD # 5 now available
« Last post by AndreasM on August 05, 2021, 01:21:35 PM »
The Amiga Future Archive DVD # 5 has now been released to buy.

These are professionally mastered discs, so they include a colour image printed onto the upper surface of the DVD9 disc which contains over 6 GB of data. Even though it might not be a problem in principle, please make sure that your optical drive can read DVD9 discs.

You will also require a PDF viewer that can read at least 1.5 of the PDF standard.

On this Amiga Future Archive DVD # 5 you will find the following issues of the Amiga Future magazine as PDFs:

German: Amiga Future issues 11 - 142
English: Amiga Future issues 67 - 142

The issues 11 to 26 have needed to be scanned as the original articles text and image data was no longer available, which is not ideal, but was the only way to include these issues. So, unfortunately, their quality is not exactly perfect.
However, all the other issues, both German and English are actually very high quality PDFs.

Issue 11 was the first German Amiga Future issue that was published.
Issue 67 was the first English magazine of the Amiga Future.

So there are over 20 years of Amiga Future history on this DVD.

Sadly there is no way to offer an update option for purchases of earlier versions of the Amiga Future Archive DVD, which we trust you will understand.

Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: OS3.2 & WHDLoad
« Last post by Tumbleweed on August 05, 2021, 12:17:12 PM »
Disabling Roadshow by commenting out the startup lines in user-startup fixes the problem.

My initial question OS3.2 & WHDLoad now looks to be misguided - should have been WHDLoad & Roadshow.

Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: OS3.2 & WHDLoad
« Last post by Tumbleweed on August 05, 2021, 12:08:52 PM »
After a bit more digging it looks like the issue may be with network. I installed Roadshow, then SMBFS Mount and SAMBA and now I am experiencing the same issues as before with my original install.

More investigation ....

Amiga Software Issues and Discussion / Re: Amiga OS
« Last post by OldAmigan on August 05, 2021, 11:03:00 AM »

Try Amiga Forever from Cloanto. It has adf's of most of the different versions of the OS

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