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AuthorTopic: Vesalia are taking Pegasos preorders  (Read 6867 times)

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Re: Vesalia are taking Pegasos preorders
« Reply #45 on: March 26, 2002, 01:14:10 AM »
I am a PC user and I see it like this!
In the PC industry there are many
manufacturers of the same thing
ex. there are asus motherboard
with via chipsets and MSI mother-
boards with the same chipset.
Running Windows!!
And thats why people buy PC´s
or just check Nvidia´s dominance
in the graphics industry because
there are many manufacturers
of Nvidia boards.
If there are more board makers
than one people will think that
this is something, not like Apple who
tries to sell a computer what they
completely own and almost no
one buys it.
To make you people sad, isn´t
these boards just PC´s with
a PPC instead of a X86, the chipset
artica S can host a X86 processor!
It has north and south bridge
design and AGP (intel inside)!!!!
And were have you people read
that they have the same chipset?
Well it is very fun that some one will
make a PPC based computer that is
not a MAC!
I want one!!!!
(it runs linuxPPC (NetBSD PPC?)!!!)

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Re: Vesalia are taking Pegasos preorders
« Reply #46 on: March 26, 2002, 11:52:04 PM »
I'm happy to see that Pegasos development is at about the same stage as the AmigOne, and I'm happy that we'll have a variety of boards to chooses from.  With a bit of luck, this just might start a thriving market for PPC motherboards, not just for Amiga but for Linux, BeOS, and other OS's.

That said, I find I'm not particularly gung-ho about either board.  Why in the world did BPlan design a MicroATX motherboard???  I think what Amiga users want is expandability, and (everything else being equal) prefer an Amiga 4000T-style system, rather than a cramped 3000 or 4000, or a creatively-expandable 1200.  I love the processor slot and the onboard Firewire, but the few PCI slots makes it very undesirable, and that BPlan added a crappy AMR slot in place of a third PCI slot is silly.  On my new Amiga, I'll be using a 1) a Soundblaster Live-style sound card, 2) a SCSI card, and 3) likely an A1200 PCI compatibiliy card...and additionally on an AmigaOne, 4) an Ethernet card and 5) a Firewire card (eventually).  If someone develops a Catweasel-style PCI floppy controller, I'd like to use that, too.  Neither board has enough slots, and (although it surprises me) I'm actually considering the Mediator/Shark route.

One question:  I've seen people rip the quality of Realtek Ethernet chips to shreds on usenet and on the AmigaOne mailing list.  Why then are companaies like Elbox and BPlan so interested in supporting them?  I guess only some of their recent chips require the driver to jump through hoops to operate correctly?