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Author Topic: SOLD: Amiga 500++ in custom case  (Read 1531 times)


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SOLD: Amiga 500++ in custom case
« on: September 13, 2021, 10:06:08 AM »

I would like to introduce my recent Amiga 500 ++ re-build that is up for sale.

What's inside:
- new Amiga 500++ PCB from Bob's Tindie shop
- all passive components and ICs are new (except of course custom Amiga chips)
- 8375 PAL Fat Agnus, therefore up to 2MB ChipRAM support (system delivered with 1MB on board)
- M508 card (designed by Matze) with 8MB FastRAM and IDE controller. Installed one large 2.5" IDE harddrive of which 2GB partitioned.
- standard 8MHz M68000 CPU
- Indivision ECS V2 replacement for Denise, supports all ECS Denise video modes and then some more. VGA video output (!!! the analog video circuitry is not populated!!!)
- interface to connect PC AT/PS2 keyboard
- selectable Kickstart 1.3/3.1 ROM
- Floppy drive (modified PC drive, reads Amiga disks) and a Gotek floppy emulator, selectable by switch (both connected, only one of them usable after power on)
- Gotek: USB stick and LCD display signals attached to the USB ports on the case, rotary selector mounted on back of case
- all built into a new Aerocool's Playa Slim low profile ATX case. Case front panel slightly resembles the forms of Amiga 1000.
- built in Meanwell RT65B power supply.

Price, well, I spent following money building it: CPU 10€, kickrom 33€, M508 adapter 120€, PCB 65€, Gary 21€, CIA´s 27€, Paula 10€, ECS 8375 Agnus 70€, crystal and the 74F258 IC 7€, case 45€, power supply 20€, floppy&gotek with accessories 50€, HDD and 3.5" adapter 15€, Indivision ECS V2 135€, all passives from Mouser/TME 150€ = 778 EURO

Including a tiny markup I ask for 800 EUR.
Preferably wire transfer, tracked shipping from Romania with DPD Courier which covers most EU countries (cost starting at 20 EUR for Germany).
Other shipping options to be discussed.

Reliability ... my ebay profile so far 100% Positive, 123 feedbacks of which 64 as a seller (19 during last year). I could also post it there but that would mean additional 100EUR cost just their fees.

pictures, attached below:

PS. why selling ? I am building myself an A2000 (new pcb, etc.)  :)
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Re: For Sale: Amiga 500++ in custom case
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 04:07:44 PM »
Shipping update: personal handover in Budapest or Vienna, Monday October 20, SEPTEMBER 20, no shipping cost (or risk)

~~~ date correction, september, not october. sorry :$  ~~~
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