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Author Topic: For Sale: AmigaOne X5000 System (pickup only California USA) - X5K  (Read 1696 times)


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Decided it is time for me to sell my last remaining Amiga-based product and therefore I am putting my AmigaOne X5000 up for sale. 

Checked with various dealer's websites and no one seems to be selling them anymore so figure someone may want to buy a good used one.

Could not get the classified here to work so posting here in the forums if that is OK.

Here is a video I made in 2019 and most of what I have remains the same with small changes that can be shown in a new video for the buyer or can be seen at pickup time.

Sorry folks, local pick up only so the nearer you are to Northern California, the better.  Not interested in shipping as shippers are way to harsh on big expensive computers these days.  I know that will limit the buyers, if there are any, but such is life.  And no, will not sell board only unless you want to pay the same full price as I will not sell at discount.  Prefer to sell as a complete working system. 

If you are interested, send me a PM and we can go from there.  The video will tell you a bit but I can cover more via a good old fashion phone call too.

$2250 mostly as you see in the video.  Even have the original Thermaltake box still so you will get that.  Mouse and keyboard and all that you use your own.  This will be for the computer itself with a power cord and software that came with my X5K as purchased from Amiga on the Lake.

Video that shows the AmigaOne X5K that I am selling.



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Re: For Sale: AmigaOne X5000 System (pickup only California USA) - X5K
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You should have kept your A4000T IMHO. Who will want a X5000 in 10 years time? It’s your best chance to sell it now for sure but we’re not even sure AmigaOS 4.x has a future. The X5000 is an expensive MorphOS / Linux box if the court case goes the wrong way :-\
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