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AuthorTopic: Blizzard PPC rev2 by phase5 060@66MHz/PPC@330MHz + 256MB RAM  (Read 493 times)

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Offline stachu100

As in the title, Blizzard PPC rev2 by phase5 without SCSI for sale:
1) PPC@300MHz Motorola working at 330MHz (slight overclocking)
2) MC68060RC50 rev6@66MHz Motorola with a socketed oscillator, so 060 can be clocked at 66MHz and down
3) New battery
4) New fan
5) 66MHz and 50MHz oscillator if your BVision card don't like overclocking
6) 2 x 128MB RAM. 256MB in total. I can remove one if you would like to have a lower price.

As usual:
Installation of Blizzard PPC card is NOT easy: they require good power and good cooling. Otherwise, your Amiga will not work stable.
Not to mention proper software installed.
If you never had an experience with 040 and above, please think twice before buying it.

Asking 1000EUR (or equivalent in USD/AUD/GBP/PLN) including insured and tracking postage worldwide.
Payment by PayPal as "gift".
Or 1040EUR (or equivalent in USD/AUD/GBP/PLN) paid as standard PayPal payment.

I can also add CF card with AOS3.9 preinstalled + AOS3.9 CD-ROM for an extra fee if you wish.

Also listed elsewhere.

Video AOS3.9 + AOS4.1 (uploading right now):