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AuthorTopic: Photos and videos from Vectorama 2019  (Read 348 times)

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Photos and videos from Vectorama 2019
« on: June 16, 2019, 01:24:34 PM »
Finnish Amiga Users Group participated in Vectorama 2019 online gaming event in Oulu, Finland, by arranging an Amiga stand and several games competitions. The event was successful and gathered over 2000 visitors.

Photos and videos from the event have been released at the Finnish Amiga Users Group's event page.

The user group would also like to thank the following partners who boosted our stand with their support: Vectorama organizers, Retro Rewind magazine, Skrolli magazine, Cloanto, PixelGlass & AMIGA.net.pl, RETREAM & RGCD, Aleksandr Manzos & Avain, Maija Saraste, Eienet, and Kempeleen kunta & Kempeleen kirjasto. You helped to make our stand and competitions glorious!

About Finnish Amiga Users Group: Finnish Amiga Users Group is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated to helping Finnish Amiga computer users by preserving and advancing the Amiga hobby and knowledge of the Amiga computing platform in Finland. The group aims to reach its goals through volunteer efforts such as maintaining a web site and discussion forum and organizing events.
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