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AuthorTopic: For the love of the Amiga  (Read 1456 times)

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Offline scuzzb494

For the love of the Amiga
« on: December 25, 2018, 10:01:00 PM »

Never quite sure whether to post such threads, but having done the head count I thought I would share this.

I have been curious for some time as to how many Amiga computers I own. This was brought into sharp focus the other day as I discovered yet another boxed A1200 in a store cupboard.

Anyway I did a check and so how many do you think I have ? And its not as many as you think.



Offline utri007

Re: For the love of the Amiga
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2018, 11:37:31 PM »

Why you have 123 amigas, you can't possibly play all of them??

I have sold only one Amiga in my life time and regret it a lot. BUT some years ago I realised that I have 12 A500 Computers, so I gave them a way for those who wanted to have one.

All my Amigas has pimped, lattest roms, Hard drives, Accelerators, etc.  Al my 8bit Computers has a modern mass storage solutions, most of them has chips moved to  sockets and I have paid to people to do that.

I play ALL my Computers, if I don't I just swap or give it away.

ACube Sam 440ep Flex 800mhz, 1gb ram and 240gb hd and OS4.1FE
A1200 Micronic tower, OS3.9, Apollo 060 66mhz, xPert Merlin, Delfina Lite and Micronic Scandy, 500Gb hd, 66mb ram, DVD-burner and WLAN.
A1200 desktop, OS3.9, Blizzard 060 66mhz, 66mb ram, Ide Fix Express with 160Gb HD and WLAN
A500 OS2.1, GVP+HD8 with 4mb ram, 1mb chip ram and 4gb HD
Commodore CDTV KS3.1, 1mb chip, 4mb fast ram and IDE HD

Offline giZmo350

Re: For the love of the Amiga
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2018, 12:22:02 AM »
I think he's a pensioner from the UK. Explains everything!  :D

"What the **ck is in this tea... !!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

@ Scuzz, thanks ever so much for obliterating "FRAMES" on your site!!!! I'm NOT kidding!  ;D

BTW Scuzz, I still have the FIRST EVER HOME VCR from Panasonic that I bought brand new in 1980 if your interested! Mint Condish! Knobby Tuners!
« Last Edit: December 26, 2018, 12:30:48 AM by giZmo350 »
A500: 2MB Chip, 8MB Fast, IndiECS, MiniMegi, IDE4ZorroII on Z-500, KS1.3/KS3.1, WB3.1&BWB
A2000HD: 2MB Chip, 128MB Fast, P5:Blizz 2060@50MHz, PCD-50B/4GBCF, XSurf100, RapidRoad, IndiECS, Matze RTG, MiniMegi, CD-RW, SunRize AD516, WB3.9
A1200: 2MB Chip, 64MB Fast, 4GBCF, GVP Typhoon 030 @40MHz w/FPU, Subway USB, EasyNet Ethernet, Indi AGA MKI, FastATA MK-IV, Internal Slim CD/DVD-RW, WB3.5

Surfing The Web With AMIGA Is Fun Again!

Offline paul1981

Re: For the love of the Amiga
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2018, 12:46:37 PM »
You have a fantastic collection scuzz. You did well with that A500 upgraded to A1200 (Viper 520CD) that you purchased.
Another interesting item is the Blizzard PPC - are you going to give that another go or give us more feedback? It might be repairable. If you can get the 040 side working then that would be brill in itself as they are substantially faster than any 030.

Offline scuzzb494

Re: For the love of the Amiga
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2018, 06:40:50 PM »

I don't have 123 Amigas, I have 124, just found another A600. I also have probably over 200 other computers. I have built my own museum. The computers are only the tip of the iceberg when you consider the games, magazines, software etc etc etc.

I am not a pensioner. I am from the UK. I gave up work cus I could afford to do so and so spend all my days enjoying myself with the computers. I probably will go back to work in a couple of years. Dunno. I got very frustrated having everything stored away for so long I just needed time to photograph the collection.

I have been given such a lot from Amiga folk, sometimes whole collections. It was done on the basis that I would look after the kit. I gave them my word. Eventually the whole lot is destined for a museum. But only when I die.

The 500 with the Viper is switched on every day. I check the computer and make sure she is fine. I have well over thirty plus computers that get switched on during the day and I do actually get to play with more than many can imagine. I collect computers. Its all I do. I can enjoy every platform and its just magical. I spent my working career as an architect storing the kit and now I am free of work for a while I get to play with it all. And seriously I wouldn't part with one thing. I did give away an A500 once... man did I regret it. It was trashed and junked.

Anyway... gotta date with a ghost. Actually I'm playing League of Legends but don't tell anyone.

Offline scuzzb494

Re: For the love of the Amiga
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2018, 06:50:39 PM »

Interesting that I found out about the auction for the Viper from reading posts on this forum. A guy was selling an A500 in a box with the words A500 crossed out and A1200 written below. Many here were having a laugh at the seller cus it wasn't an A1200 but being sold as one. I got very suspiscious cus something just didn't add up. I won the auction for a few quid and went to Windsor to collect it. Turns out the guy had died and it was his mate selling the computers. He hadn't got a clue. He also gave me another computer and a big box of computer goodies for my trouble.

So when I got home and cracked open the case and found the Viper I was amazed. The hard drive had stalled and stopped.

Fast forward to last year and I had another go at the drive and just left the computer on all day. Amazingly it sprang into action and the drive has been working ever since.

An even funnier bringing back to life was the A5000.... accelerator card in a 500. She was dead in the water. Nothing. I was testing through a thunderstorm and there was an almighty crack if lightning... and the board started working. And that is a true story. Amazing don't you think.


I was thinking about having another go with the PPC. Its been a while since I tried. I do recall getting some life out of the card in the tower. Maybe I'll have another go.

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