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AuthorTopic: A500 died.  (Read 767 times)

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Re: A500 died.
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2018, 09:53:41 PM »
Quote from: vince_6;839548
Great news!!!

Very! It kinda feels like 1992 again when I got the HUGE 120MB harddrive! :D

I know I had a heatsink and a fan on the 030 back in the 90's but the fan died and I removed both. I know it's not all that dangerous, the 030's run quite hot, but I would feel better with some cooling on it, at least put a heatsink on.

Offline vince_6

Re: A500 died.
« Reply #16 on: May 20, 2018, 09:55:30 PM »
I know right?
My 030 runs hot too :-/
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