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AuthorTopic: REAL Broadcast Commodore Amiga 2000 A2000 NR!  (Read 3380 times)

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REAL Broadcast Commodore Amiga 2000 A2000 NR!
« on: January 25, 2004, 08:36:11 PM »
You know 'em, you love 'em, its time once again for some of my famous Everything Must go auctions.

Here is a truly unique item, While others might sell a broadcast quality Amiga, here is an actual Network Broadcast Amiga.
This was sold in a lot of junk as scrap/salvage. While going through all the stuff, I noticed a rather sad looking Amiga case. Upon removing the mangled top cover I found the internals intact, and to my surprise and delight, functional! Apparently due to the sorry outward appearance of the computer the electronics were thought to be destroyed and left inside when it was tossed out.

Luckily, between the 20 gauge steel case Commodore used, and the custom Heavy steel RF shielding "cage" surrounding the custom Expansion cards, the insides were well protected.
I made some upgrades to the system, and replaced the cover with one from an empty amiga shell that was also in the lot. Outwardly its still not perfect, there are a couple of screws missing, the case and cover is slightly warped, and there is some surface rust on the RF shielding of the motherboard, but take a good look at the pictures especially the inside to see you can't always judge a book by its cover!. This is a nice clean machine on the inside!
In one of the disk drives was an original "Main System Disk", which appears to have software designed for the custom cards, as the disk would cause a standard A2000 to crash.


as a Network computer, In case you want to put it back to "stock"
Appears to be a Revision 6.3 or 6.5 Motherboard as it has an 8375 Agnus, Super (ECS) Denise, and 2.04 Rom. (Board says Rev 6, but there is no ROM tower so it is a later revision. Revisions 6.3+ have these chips and modifications to correct "noise" on the Expansion bus and Time-of-day clock!
Dual Chinon FB-354 Floppy Drives
GVP (Great Valley Products) 2000 HC+8 card only used as 2 meg Fast ram (scsi disabled).
UV Corp (United Video, parent company of the Prevue Network) UVGEN Genlock REV: 5/20/96 Made in USA and hand numbered 000047.
Zephyrus Electronics Ltd. Model 100 Rev C board Audio DEMOD/Switcher.
Zephyrus Electronics Ltd. Model 101 Rev C board (back has markings of "Control Data" and "EPG Data") What would normally be the hard disk LED is marked Control data and is attached to this card. The LED flashes as if information is being processed.
Battery had been removed, no sign of any leakage

Upgrades made:

GVP SCSI activated and an additional 6 Megs added
NEC MultiSpin High-end SCSI CD-ROM added. CD-ROM has a Back-lit LCD display. Shows, Activity, Track # (for music CD's), current speed, Play mode, has Play/pause, Forward, backward, and Loop buttons, external headphone jack and volume control, front door is also Eject switch. Back of drive had Analog and Digital Music out.
Floppy drives were chemically degreased and re-lubricated (whisper quiet).
Lithium battery added for real time clock.
IBM brand 2.048Gig SCSI hard drive added (shows up as a Lucent2G drive on SCSI bus). Formatted as 4 Partitions. Workbench 2.1 on bootable 100 Meg Partition (see picture for partition set-up)

Combined Summery (Stock + upgrades)

1 Meg Chip ram
8 Meg Fast Ram
Full ECS set 8375 Agnus, 8373R4PD Super Denise
2.04 Rom, 2.1 Workbench
2.048 Gig Hard Drive Formatted and Partitioned
Keyboard Mouse and Power cord
Dual Floppy drives
SCSI CD-ROM with caddy
GVP SCSI-II card ROM ver 4.13
3 Custom Broadcast cards

The monitor is not included, it is pictured to show system is working and Hard drive configuration only.

Known problems

second floppy drive (DF1) appears to have a faulty micro-switch as once in a while it stops detecting inserted disks and reloads disk information. I have a couple extra drives, if I find a good one I will replace it before shipping. no guarantee on make/model.
If you turn the power off and then back on within a couple of minutes, a "software error" may occur BEFORE loading begins, but if you follow the on screen instruction (press the left mouse button), the system still boots and runs normally. I have let the system run overnight and after more than 12 hours continuos use, the system was still running beautifully

If you have ever been curious how the Big Boys used the Amiga's for Television broadcasting, here is your chance to tinker with the hardware.
Or Just use it for spare parts
As always I believe in the true auction system, Low starting bids and NO RESERVE so please only bid if you want to own this.

If paying by Cashiers check or Money Order Payment must be received within 10 business days of ending (2 weeks) if paying through paypal, payment Must be made within 5 business days of ending.

Shipping will be by UPS at a flat rate of $35 for addresses in the Lower 48 states, Higher shipping elsewhere, (this is a heavy unit in the range of 35-40 pounds).
If you are comfortable with opening up the case and re-installing the GVP card (and plugging the SCSI cable into the CD_ROM) I would like to take out the GVP and Hard drive to wrap them up separately to help insure the hard drive isn't damaged in shipping.
If you do not feel you can do that, I will leave the card/drive installed.

Here is the link ...

The computer is American, meaning 110 V. I did a mail to the seller and got the reply back :
"Hello Effy,
  YOu are correct, you would need a new power supply. but if you still wanted to bid on it, I can remove teh power
supply and leave the power cable from the supply to the motherboard (cut as close to the power supply as possible). It
wuld be up to you to find an appropiate Power supply and splice in the cable.

I asked how fast the processor was and got the reply :
"his A2000 doesn't need an accellerater as it is not actually Generating the
graphics, it is combining video/audio signals  with its own special fonts and graphic images stored on floppy.   This
combining is done through the expansion cards that have thier own processors onboard.  That is why amiga's were used, no
need for all that expensive hardware.  Just an added note.  The copyright on tthe main systems disk was 1999, so this
was used upto just a few years ago.
Mike D."

I already have got a splendid A4000D and A1200T but for some other people this may be the absolute max !! This guy seems to friendly that I posted his auction here ...

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Re: REAL Broadcast Commodore Amiga 2000 A2000 NR!
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2004, 11:42:11 PM »
Now you've done it, I wanted this one for parts.  I was hoping no one else would notice :-D


Offline Effy

Re: REAL Broadcast Commodore Amiga 2000 A2000 NR!
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2004, 08:19:56 AM »
You're welcome Jeff  :-D