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Author Topic: Indivision AGA Mk2 A1200/4000T, 'flickerfixer' (aka de-interlacer) for Amiga 1200 and  (Read 5081 times)


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Indivision AGA Mk2 A1200/4000T

Flickerfixer for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000T Computers

The Indivision AGA Mk2 A1200/4000T is the successor to the discontinued Indivision AGA 1200 flicker fixer. As the name suggests, the new version also supports the Amiga 4000T (not the A4000 desktop model, there's the Indivision AGA Mk2 A4000/CD32 for use with that computer). Other Amiga models are not supported.

DVI-I Connector:
The Indivision AGA Mk2 sports a DVI-I connector instead of the usual VGA socket. DVI-I provides digital as well as analog signals, so you can use modern TFT displays, older TFT displays with analog input or CRT monitors alike (the latter two with a VGA adapter).

Performance and Compatibility:
The output pixel clock can go up to 135 MHz (the former Indivision AGA only allowed up to 71 MHz), the data rate reaches more than 480 MBytes/s peak performance (used to be 330 MBytes/s peak); 50 Hz modes (e.g. PAL) can be promoted to 60+ Hz and thus be displayed on modern monitors; 16 MBytes framebuffer, entirely addressable (used to be 12 MBytes previously); supports S-Hires (*) and full 24-bit colour depth; unlike other internal flicker fixers, the Indivision AGA Mk2 supports the BorderBlank flag.

On Screen Display:
A subtle semitransparent OSD replaces the splash screen of the predecessor model.

Perfect Fit:
The Indivision AGA Mk2 is plugged over the Lisa chip, no other connection to the motherboard is required (unlike other internal flicker fixers that also require a connection to Alice). Due to a much enhanced 84-pin PLCC socket being used, the Indivision fits like a glove and won't come off easily.

Energy Efficient:
Modern FPGA technology and low power consumption (1.2V core voltage) make sure to save energy and avoid heat problems.

Reconfigurable Logic:
Hardware updates can (*) be downloaded from the Internet. Even timing corrections are possible, allowing the Indivision AGA Mk2 to adapt even to the strangest chipset combinations (e.g. Lisa chips made by NCR).

In the Amiga 1200 the DVI output is mounted beneath the floppy disk drive, so the connector is situated next to the mouse port. A mounting kit is included with the delivery.

(*) Important Note: The first batch of Indivision AGA Mk2 is shipped without a configuration program, and the current version of the flash program shipped with the device is rather an expert tool than an example of user friendliness. Furthermore, the Indivision AGA Mk2 can currently only display PAL and NTSC modes accurately, support for other screen modes is still being worked on. You should only buy the Indivision AGA Mk2 if you are an experienced user and if you can download updates from the Internet and transfer them to your Amiga.

Item currently not available, ETA April 30, 2012.

EUR 149.90 incl. 19% German VAT (EUR 125.97 excl. VAT for non-EU customers)


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\\"We made Amiga, they {bleep}ed it up\\"

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There are additional sockets on the board - I'm curious to know what those are for!

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I plan to get one of these bad boys. Should make life a little easier when using the 1200.

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This is the coolest damn thing I've seen in a while.

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I'm looking forward to that.  I have a few 1200s, and they're screaming out to be towered up.

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Cool! I just ordered one!

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I have the same question like Cosmos. It looks like clock port, but why is it there?

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I received notification that mine shipped on Monday, only had to wait a year and a half but can't wait to get it!  Very excited!
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