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AuthorTopic: NIPC Library missing from StormC?  (Read 5139 times)

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Offline Matt_H

Re: NIPC Library missing from StormC?
« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2017, 11:03:33 PM »
Forget about free, even re-releasing it as a commercial product would be fantastic! Believe me when I say that it's worth every penny. Absolute must-have for Amiga-to-Amiga file transfers on the LAN. Incredibly lightweight - all it needs is Kickstart 2, network hardware, and a floppy drive. Now that pre-built plipboxes are fairly common, the barrier for getting any Amiga online got a lot lower.

There's so much potential for cool software with Envoy's services model. I'd love to see a vibrant development scene spring up around Envoy again. See Aminet for examples of prior work.