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AuthorTopic: FS: Amiga 2500 w/ Fusion40 (32mb) 2mb chipram, flicker fixer, 500mb HD scsi, etc  (Read 684 times)

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Offline inquisitiv

I will be posting my Amiga 2500 on ebay in the next day or so (need to take pictures of it), at that point I will add the auction # and any additional info.

A2500 with one floppy drive, mouse, keyboard
Fusion 40 (68040 accelerator with 32MB of RAM)
2MB Chip RAM (addon)
Flicker fixer (internal)
Trumpcard with 500mb scsi (apple/quantum) HD

I just dont use it and would rather use the money for other interests.

I will also be posting all my other Amiga stuff in the next few days.