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Author Topic: Amitopia TV November is out! With Amiga Meeting 2008 report+++  (Read 1433 times)


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Amitopia TV November is out! With Amiga Meeting 2008 report+++
« on: November 12, 2008, 05:57:04 PM »
Amitopia TV News
Amiga Meeting 2008
Amiga Demos
Xtras... and more!

Google Video: Watch it here!
Vimeo: Watch it here
Download: Its 333MB! I'll send it to you. Just send mail to: amitopia@gmail.com (PPC is needed)
Note: If you have a server for Amitopia TV files? Give me a note on that. Files are between 200MB and 400MB in size.

Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service. Even though it has some adverts, I have made them myself. Amitopia TV is about helping out Amiga and make it survive a bit longer.

The show isn't perfect yet. Far from it actually! But I am getting there. People have been sending e-mails to me telling that they watch and enjoy the show, while others have come with corrections and other comments. I take every criticism and try to improve what I can. So each release of Amitopia TV is a little improvement from the last one etc...

Next release will be as a special, then as full release in December. If you want to contribute with videos from Amiga shows this year or past, send them please! Amitopia TV wants to cover everything that has to do with Amiga.

Other than these notes,...
Why didn't Amitopia TV come out on 10th of November?
I've noticed errors after releasing it on 10th, so I had to wait and in the end fixed them so the release is 2 days delayed. Sorry about that,...

Amitopia TV is searching for staff members who wants to show the world Amiga happenings!

Were looking for important videos from:
Pianeta Amiga
Amiga Meeting

and other important Amiga events! If you have some music videos of Annex or anything else related to Amiga, send it and I will join your contributions into future Amitopia TV releases:

Send it all to: amitopis@gmail.com

Enjoy watching,...!

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