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AuthorTopic: Amiga Software that has moved to the PC (free and otherwise) that no one with a PC should be without  (Read 3927 times)

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Offline tony23

Wow nice screen shot ! I'm jealous now, I've got an  A2000 toaster and it's still mega fun to use, I just love lightwave , maybe someday I'll be able to upgrade to VT2 or 3
Gotta save my penny's... Lets see... Aone, Peg and a new Toaster.... :-D
Ya , I gotta save some big bucks, but I know it'll be worth it. :-)
Thanks for the pic and the info on the Pal.
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Offline Aegis

It's very cool!  :-D

Here's a different layout with the ToasterScope and a few other tools visible/customized...

[img align=left]http://www.agmorgan.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/images/VT22.jpg[/img]
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Offline alx

What abour Real3D (now Realsoft 3D)?  If you don't know, Hyperion are planning to port that back onto OS4 :-D

Offline Varthall


bhoggett wrote:
As for lzx, a google search for "unlzx" will produce a number of hits, but I'm not sure anyone has compiled it for Windows yet.

Yes, there's an unlzx compiled for Windows, it's available with the Beos version in the same archive:


I have tried only the Beos one and it works well.

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Offline AdMartin

A version of UnLZX with an x86 compile is also available on Aminet at ftp://de.aminet.net/pub/aminet/util/arc/UnLZX2.lha.


Offline AdMartin

I have deliplayer for the pc skins are awful compared to the basic amiga version but  i like this more than winamp due to the fact it can play 170 difrent types of audio file. :-)

Well, DeliPlayer 2 has a better look.


Offline AdMartin

Many archiving programs for Windows support LhA. I use PowerArchiver v6.11 (the last freeware version...) for which an Amiga OS style toolbar can be downloaded... :-D

Filzip is also a good program with LhA support, but some bugs need to be sorted out.


Offline Erwin-K

No one has mentioned the Med / Octamed family. The Amiga version just got a minor update.

Many versions of PShop would not load IFF files above 256 colors. Hope that's changed.

Some PC programs look for the .lbm extension instead of .iff.

Ulead's PhotoImpact handles 24bit IFF files very nicely.  Several members of the Kansas City Users Group like P-I for its great power & low price. (under $100US, sometimes way under)

Bob Kennedy

Offline bhoggett

PaintShop Pro also handles iff files by default.
Bill Hoggett

Offline DethKnight

What abour Real3D (now Realsoft 3D)?

3dworld magazine issue #35 page #078 - #079
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Offline jd997uk

Ya missed a big one: WarBlade is the PC version of the classic Amiga game Deluxe Galaga, done by the man himself, Edgar Vigdal. Trust me, it's everything you loved about Deluxe Galaga and more, even though it's still in beta release. Still, this is as polished a game as you're gonna find in the PC world and has made my own platform transition a whole lot less traumatic. Check it out!

I've been playing this for ages. It's definately the Mutts-nuts.
Perhaps one of you enterprising programmers could have a chat with Edgar, with a view of porting it to OS4?

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Offline DeXXo

to stay on topic :
I have to say Directory Opus is a great piece of software. (even on a PeeCee :-P )
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Offline scafe

Breaking the subject but i just had to throw this in.
Super Methan Bros. was released as GPL on the ix86 platform for Piosx OS'
I got my copy with my distro of Mandrake 9.1
Athilon XP2200 with Mandrake 9.1 and A1200 cut un shut into a Tulip 486 desktop case :-o

Offline meerschaum

for an office package, I recommend EVERYONE check out gobe productive  its a cheap ($50) alternative to MSOffice and its well worth it.

Offline mikeymike

for an office package, I recommend EVERYONE check out gobe productive its a cheap ($50) alternative to MSOffice and its well worth it.

There doesn't appear to be an evaluation version available.  How is anyone supposed to know for sure it does what they need it to do?