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Author Topic: FS: IDE-adapters to 68k-socket and mouse adapter PCBs  (Read 8353 times)


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Re: FS: IDE-adapters to 68k-socket and mouse adapter PCBs
« Reply #59 from previous page: December 16, 2008, 01:32:42 PM »

An Amiga A500 with lefthand expansion like Supra28accelerator and mem unit and hard drive and A570 was the width of an entire desk!(I've got all those things,not used in years,though.)

That's the reason I would prefer that everything fit inside the standard case. That's why I would prefer an A500 ram+ide board.

@Mika Leinonen
A friend of mine has a 12Mhz 68000 on his A500 with an asynchronous design he did (disk drive and other things work perfect without any additional software/hardware patch), even thought it will probably be trivial for you if you want I could ask him the schematics so your ram board also works as simple 68000 accelerator if the user wants (and has access to a faster 68000).
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Re: FS: IDE-adapters to 68k-socket and mouse adapter PCBs
« Reply #60 on: December 16, 2008, 03:25:26 PM »

mrmkl wrote:
I aim to finish a PCB design an order some proto PCB:s for an 8 Mbyte memory expansion in a few weeks or months.
The adapter will most likely be made of 8M x 8 bit 3.3 volt DRAM chips and two 3.3V CPLD chips for voltage conversion, data multiplexing, dram address and control signals and autoconfig(tm).


Any news about this new pcb ide68k?

I got one of your ide68k rev 1.88a
And i work good, Even with apollo 520 axx board. (external on zorro bus)

So I want too buy another one.
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