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AuthorTopic: Shifting the Sands of the TradeMark...  (Read 7048 times)

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Offline bbrv

Re: Whew! Another Conspiracy!
« Reply #75 on: June 22, 2003, 01:18:53 PM »
Yes, L8-X we are guilty of everything.

It was a coordinated massive conspiracy.  How did you figure it all out?!  :-o

R&B 8-)

Offline Madgun68

Re: Merci ENCORE!!
« Reply #76 on: June 22, 2003, 01:25:28 PM »
Yeah shame is a lot of that FUD is generated by you and your supporters.
I decided a while back that I'd sit on the fence and decide who was right/wrong based on the facts that came out. I still can't come to a conclusion on the matter(s) one way or the other.
At this point, I'm not sure the complete facts will ever come out. As such, it's hard to label something as 'fud' when there's such a lack of definitive proof for either side.

Offline Madgun68

Re: Update!
« Reply #77 on: June 22, 2003, 01:36:24 PM »
I'm reminded of something I once read (which goes something like this)

"Dear employees:

It has come to our attention that because so many of you are flying off the handle, jumping to conclusions and running around in circles that our daily warm-ups are no longer needed.

As such, the morning exercises have been canceled."

Offline bbrv

Re: Update!
« Reply #78 on: June 22, 2003, 02:21:55 PM »

Hi Madgun...this one too:

Attention: the beatings will continue until morale improves!


Offline MarkTime

Re: William Hamilton Buck, the saviour?
« Reply #79 on: June 22, 2003, 03:01:39 PM »
Hi Ray,

I guess when you attended the auction, you found out that it really was used equipment, right? Hey, if you didn't believe me, that's your problem.

Yes, Ray, I guess all those 21" monitors were absolutely useless.    Amiga, Inc. let them all go, because you are all running Cinema display's now.

And the proper way to return demo equipment is to have them seized by your landlord and then beg him to return them for you....that is ingenious.

<----choosing not to believe Ray A. Key

You know, all the 'traditional' Amiga enthusiasts should understand, a person is not spreading FUD simply because they are pointing out some rather glaring problems with Amiga, Inc. and the stories about them.

But so be it.  Anyway, I will point out obvious problems with stories, before AmiWest, after AmiWest....for as long as I'm in the community, so don't expect what you call 'FUD' to ever stop. You can ask for it, you can demand it, but it will never happen.

Offline Bandaren

Re: William Hamilton Buck, the saviour?
« Reply #80 on: June 22, 2003, 03:43:24 PM »
"Initially, we tried to work with Amiga Inc., "

You know, a certain executive update from... hmmm when was it.. October 21, 2000 comes to mind.

"We are pleased to announce to the community the first in a series of new hardware that has been designed by Amiga and soon manufactured by Amiga OEM partners. The first in our AmigaONE series of products are the AmigaONE PPC 1200, and the AmigaONE PPC 4000 cards from Eyetech. These products will become available to developers in December this year and are designed to meet the specific needs of the Amiga Community. We have also announced another partner, bPlan GmbH, who are creating a new AmigaONE PPC based desktop computer.

More details will emerge shortly about bPlan, Eyetech and the new AmigaONE products, so visit the AmigaONE web site"

and ofcourse signed with..

"Get Boinged!

Bill McEwen and the rest of the Amiga Team"

Well it's strange you can't find this on amiga.com anymore since they have the jun. and nov. executive updates.

The Internet Wayback Machine is a great thing though...

Well more to the point. Perhaps this executive update finally might come true? ;-) That is my hope atleast.

and.... before any clever moderator delete this as flaming or whatever. My intention was to show that when R&B say they approached amiga inc to work together it's often perceived as not true or serious, like they only tried to do this with posting something on public mailinglists etc. This is proof that they actually had "some kind of" serious talks. (-only believe it if you read it here -Bill McEwen said)

And I base this ofcourse on the belief that Bplan and Thendic had a connection at this time already, and if they hadn't it would be even more interesting to know what happened with this deal.
Perhaps question what happened to the licenses that former Phase5 and current DCE had with Amiga Technologies and "Gateway" Amiga Inc. in the past. Who owns thoose now?  (the Amiga 5000 and 6000) But that might be another thread unless R&B could mention this briefly. ;-)

Anyway, regardless of what we call them we need thoose peg2 and Amiga Ones now (with usuable and good OS on them)  with all the rumors of G5 mac's is flying around!

Dan Andersson

Offline dammy

Re: Merci ENCORE!!
« Reply #81 on: June 22, 2003, 04:08:27 PM »
by bbrv on 2003/6/21 8:53:34

Not sure any mud will be flying around much longer, as we will crank up the lawsuit again next week against Amiga Inc.

Time to go invest in popcorn stock again.  I see there is going to be some good times ahead for those of us on the sidelines cheering on our favorite side.  This is far better then reality TV shows. =)


Unless otherwise noted, I speak only for myself.

Offline vortexau

Re: William Hamilton Buck, the saviour?
« Reply #82 on: June 22, 2003, 06:13:27 PM »
WarPiper said:
. . .he seen the name C= commodore A4000/040 and C= commodore A1200 and C= commodore A500 with the word emblazend on the case's AMIGA, "OOOH, ITS A COMODORE" comes from his mouth, he rememberd the C64 and 128d and knew of Commodore's death, and asked for the long story, AFTER HEARING ME DRONE ON AND ON ABOUT COMMODORE, ESCOM, VISCORP, GATEWAY, JIM COLLAS, AND NOW AMIGA INC, HYPERION, AND EYETECH, I STARTED TO SEE HIS EYES KINDA CROSS AS IF HE WAS WATCHING THE ROOM SPIN, THEN HE LOST TOTAL INTEREST IN AMIGA EVERYTHING AND DID NOT EVEN WANT TO SEE THE A4000 SYSTEM THAT WE HAD DISCUSED ME BRINGING IN.

Just as well you didn't bother to mention the Video Toaster - then you would have really confused him! (Like WHY this image is laterally-inverted!)

-vortexau; who\\\'s still waiting! (-for AmigaOS4! ;-) )
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