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AuthorTopic: Questions about PCx. Cd's, how to quit.  (Read 764 times)

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Questions about PCx. Cd's, how to quit.
« on: November 04, 2006, 07:47:59 AM »
Hello, wondering if anyone can offer help on PCx emulator.
Using free version from Amiga Format CD, with FreeDos hardfile.
First, How do you quit PCx? No info in (limited) docs on how to do this..
Second, how do I get CD-Rom driver installed? I enabled CD0:
via PCx configuration, didn't work, tried installing a known working
cd-rom driver from floppy, no luck. No idea about the version, just says (c) 1996.
 Using Amiga Format Hardfile with FreeDos, could this cause trouble with CD-rom install software?
 I can access BASIC and A: fine with this setup, just no CD-Rom.

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