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Author Topic: Change background colour in Shell/Cli and in file lister windows  (Read 1157 times)


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I would like to change the dull/boring grey background colour in Shell/Cli and in the standard file lister windows in OS3.9..I know I can change the colour in shell with Shell-startup but don't know the parameters..would like white or cream colour  :-P  same in the file windows (when files are shown as names not icons)

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Re: Change background colour in Shell/Cli and in file lister windows
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2006, 09:59:51 PM »
Try VINCEed.
Don't use it myself at the moment, but after an article in AmigaActive i tried it.
Worth a try.
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Re: Change background colour in Shell/Cli and in file lister windows
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2006, 09:00:50 PM »
Amiga OS3.9 comes with ViNCEEd, although it isn`t the default shell in AmiDock. To launch ViNCEd drag the `ShellAmiDock. You can configure the tooltypes to set the position, size and various other options. On the actual window, at the top, a `settings` button can be accessed. This will open the SetVNC GUI where a whole host of other options can be set.
Other changes can be made, by editing the `shell-startup` file, found in the S: drawer. Information is available on using different ANSI colouring codes in the ViNCEd guide (press HELP button). Try this example out. you need to first customise the ViNCED window by un-ticking the `ANSI colours by default` and ticking `inverse ANSI colouring`. Then edit the shell-startup;

delete the Prompt "%N.%S>" line ,and add;
Prompt "*E[36m%N*E[33m.*E[33m%S*E[37m> *E[31m"
Echo " "
Echo "*E[31Hum."
Echo "*E[32m-----------------------------------"

Save the modified file and reopen the shell window...

Another more complex example:

echo "*e[>1m*e[31;41m*e[0;0H*e[J"
prompt "*n*e[>1m*e[33;41m*e[1m%N/%R.*e[30;41m%S>*e[0m*e[31;41m "
alias CLS "echo *"*E[0;0H*E[J*""
echo "AmigaOS $OS. Workbench $Workbench, Kickstart $Kickstart*n"
echo "*nMemory*n"

( X is a number from 0-7 that correspond to the first eight palette colours).
Try different numbers:
*e[>Xm - sets the console background colour to X
*e[3Xm - sets the text colour to X
*e[4Xm - sets the text background colour to X
"*e[32;41m", which sets the text/text background colours at the same time.
( numbers 0-3 e are grey, black, white and light blue ).

prompt "*n*e[>1m*e[3X;41m*e[1m%N/%R.*e[30;41m%S>*e[0m*e[32;41m "