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AuthorTopic: Is possible to insert 2HD (high density, 1,44MB) PC and AMIGA floppies  (Read 1414 times)

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Offline CDE_MusiX

Hi again, is possible to insert High Density floppies on the AMIGA? Someone is talking to the Catweasel adapter... how it works?
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Offline Effy

You mean something like THIS  :-? Of course it is possible. If you have an A2000 or A1200 in tower then I guess you can also get an A4000 drive which is standard high density :)

Offline InTheSand

Hmm! I didn't know Dell made Amiga drives!  :-)

How is it interfaced to the Amiga? Does it have some custom logic inside?

 - Ali

Offline Effy

I used to have one of those several years ago on my A500+ with turboboard, it costed me 112,50 euro in those days when it was still brandnew. I donĀ“t really know what the Dell sign means, I only know that when you have 2.0 kickstart or higher that it is recognized as high density drive. The only funny minor thing is that it refused to work when I connected it to another external drive, it only worked when connected directly to the floppy port  :-)

Offline odin

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Hmmm...interesting. Looks like some homebrew thing stuck in a generic Dell floppydrive casing?

Offline tonyvdb

The nice thing about using the A4000 drive as I do (the A3000 also used this drive) is that once formated on the amiga a HD disk will give you almost 1.8mb of usable space compared to the 1.44 on a PC.
The drive will also read and write all other formats of amiga and PC disks.
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Offline amigagr

and if you format with the diskspare.device you get about 2mb
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