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AuthorTopic: Mission StatementII (was: Remove MORFOS/PEG from Main Fourum)  (Read 6024 times)

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Re: Remove MORFOS/PEG from Main Fourum
« Reply #75 on: March 14, 2003, 10:00:27 PM »

I do agree with your assessment of the likely motivations of Amiga, Inc. and the concept of a domain name as an address.

I understand why Amiga, Inc. doesn't buy into the bajillion different domains now offered...thats very expensive (100's if you count all the country domains)...so, naturally, they wouldn't have registered Amiga.org, and naturally, they don't need it any more than they need amiga.net.

By the way, .net is supposed to be for ISPs but that is almost never enforced and you see, for example AmigaWorld.net....

Whatever happened to that, did Icann change the rules?

And AI would have a legitimate claim if say, Apple computer bought Amiga.org and started selling Macintoshes to the Amiga market.

I don't know exactly how this .org is an organization, I'm not familiar with the structure of this organization or how to become a member.  but I do know that this is legitimately a community bulletin board serving the interests of the Amiga community, and not a profit venture, even if it is subsidized by some banner ads.

So....I'm beating  a dead horse (not me!), but I think everything is good in the world, and I don't see Amiga, Inc. doing anything but making veiled threats....it seems that is their habit, judging from the various stories over the past year.

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Re: Remove MORFOS/PEG from Main Fourum
« Reply #76 on: March 14, 2003, 10:16:21 PM »

Even though this isn't a present issue and you guys are dragging this so far into the mud that you're just making it worse and apt to turn into yet another red vs. blue flame-fest, I need to make a correction and have you look at some recent cases; one in particular..

Have a look at "World Wrestling Federation v. World Wildlife Fund".  While the case was about a brand across the board, it also included websites & domain names.

..I mention this only for informational background, not as any sort of threat or confirmation of action.  I'm a WWF fan so that's the only reason I know the case well.
Ray A. Akey / AKA HMetal