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Author Topic: RadeonHD V5 bugreports  (Read 116 times)

Description: unrecognized screen modes

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RadeonHD V5 bugreports
« on: November 10, 2023, 12:58:49 AM »
Hi everyone.

I have a problem with the RadeonHD V.5 driver.
I have two graphic cards mounted in the X1000:
GFX 1) Radeon HIS4670 1GB DDR3 (seen as "Radeon RV730")
GFX 2) Radeon R9 280X (seen as "Radeon HD 7900 Series")

The GFX 1 is attached to an old monitor with max 1024x768 res (MONITOR 1).
The GFX 2 is attached to an ultrawide modern monitor with max 3840x1600 res (MONITOR 2).

RadeonHD V3 supports both gfx cards.
RadeonHD V5 supports only the GFX 2.

If I boot with RadeonHD V3, i can open screens on gfx1 and on gfx 2.
I can push the GFX2 up to 3520x1440x48Hz.

If I boot with RadeonHD V5, the GFX 1 is not detected (as expected), but the GFX2 only displays correctly at resolutions up to 1680 x1050.
Resolutions over 1050 lines (even those that display correctly with Radeon V3) are displayed squashed vertically.

Where should I report this malfunction?

I tried to login on A-EON Technology's bug tracker but my old account seems blocked.
I tried to reset the password of the old account but i receive the message:"the maximum number of pending requests has been reached".
I tried to register as a new user with a different email but i never received the confirmation email.
Is there anyone who can restore my account to have access to the A-EON Technology's bug tracker?