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Author Topic: VirusZ III v0.98  (Read 2016 times)


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VirusZ III v0.98
« on: March 09, 2002, 04:40:44 PM »
Georg Hoermann has made an update of VirusZ III,  and the bugfixed update is now available for download at our homepage.

Here is some info about the update:

Name: VirusZ III v0.98
Archive name : VirusZ.lha
Archive size : 54.288
Date : 9 March 2002
Programmer : Georg Hoermann
Requires : OS 2.04+, xvs.library

News in VirusZ III v0.98:

- Fixed bug in vector check kickmem brain that caused all patches to
   be recognized as 'AmigaOS ROM Update'. Sorry for that!
- Designed a new display format for the vector check. This one looks
   better and is more informative than the old one.
- Added brain for kicktags to the vector check. This one currently
   only recognizes 'AmigaOS ROM Update' and 'ramdrive.device'.
- Added the 'Snapshot' function to the vector check (as I promised).
   Now you can snapshot every unknown patch that causes alerts on
   your Amiga and send me the results. This makes it possible for me
   to even add patches that I cannot install on my computer.
   Read the manual for detailed information!
- Added recognition for ppc.library v46.37 to the vector check.
   Thanks to Jean-Michel Chapron for the handmade snapshots.
- Added disassembler mode to Memory Monitor. This should help
   experienced users/programmers to analyse unknown vector patches.

Download shortcut to VirusZ III:

Kind Regards

Jan Andersen
Virus Help Denmark