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Author Topic: Alien Nations port coming to Amiga / MorphOS  (Read 2537 times)


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Alien Nations port coming to Amiga / MorphOS
« on: February 20, 2002, 02:35:57 PM »
Titan Computer has put up their Web page describing the new game port, Alien Nations.

The requirements are a bit high for the Average Amiga user requiring a PowerPC Amiga or Pegasos with at least 166Mhz, 128MB available memory, 200MB virtual memory, graphics card with at least 8MB video ram, MorphOS 1.0 (for AmigaOS 4.0 no details are available)

You can find more information on their Web page



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Re: Alien Nations port coming to Amiga / MorphOS
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2002, 02:14:36 AM »
I cant look at Titans website for too long, management here at work is cracking down on people like me :).

However, i had a little sneak peak and this game looks excelent. Mainly because it looks somewhat like settlers.

Ive never heard of Alien Nations and that prolly has a lot to do of me not being within the games sceen anymore, however wouldnt porting settlers had been a better idea?

Foundation was created because settlers 2 was not released on Amiga. Now 3 and 4 have been published. Would it have been a good idea to port settlers 2 3 and 4? Or at least one of those?

What are the chances of getting this to happen?

Good work titan :) - seeing games like theese on Amiga wants to make me buy the OS sooner than i anticpated. But then i remember i dont have time to play games. Work doesnt really like us doign that either :)