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Author Topic: PowerD Update  (Read 2374 times)


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PowerD Update
« on: February 20, 2002, 02:19:08 PM »
Martin Kuchinka just released a new update of his PowerD compiler.

New things are:

  - inlined assembly (ASM/ENDASM) didn't work at all, fixed
  - PowerPC inlined assembly can now use constants (eg.: addi r3,r4,CONST)
  - added support for multi dimensional items in objects (upto 3d)
  - improved TDEF support
  - binary modules supports now OFFSET/RELOFS/ALIGN keywords in OBJECTs
  - You can now use a[][]:CHAR instead of a:PTR TO PTR TO CHAR in OBJECTs and variable DEFinitions
    - multiple pointers do now work correctly a[][]:CHAR can be accessed with c:=a
  • [y] correctly

  - fixed a stack problem with functions as function arguments (68k and ppc)
  - fixed ieee Pow() function
  - added F2I() function (double to integer conversion with rounding)
  - added Rnd() and RndQ() functions for ppc
    - Rnd() doesn't produce exactly the same results as 68k function, reason: cpu differences
      68k generates carry bit as unsigned operation, while ppc as signed
  - improved preprocessor, macros without arguments are now allowed: '#define macro() xyz'
  - bugfixes reported by Michel Bagmeijer    - fixed createlib.html
    - removed some enforcer hits
    - h2m now supports structs with names defined at the end of the struct
    - modules are now OS3.9 compatible
      - modules are not included in this alpha update, download it from: www.volny.cz/kuchinka
    - updated ifunc.html    - a small fix of fd2m
  - bugfixes reported my Miklos Nemeth
    - no more phxlnk needed, PowerD use now only the vlink
    - movea.b bug fixed

You can find the package on: http://www.volny.cz/kuchinka/