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Redback CD32 Expansion Conecept
Redback CD32 Expansion Conecept
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Description: An idea I had for a new CD32 expansion which is small enough to fit inside the CD32 and have the expansion bay cover placed back on and screwed in (maybe not pushed all ther way on, but enough to cover the hole).

I have named it the Redback, after one of Australia's deadliest spiders, known for hiding up behind things out of sight and biting you in the backside, which I thought was fitting for a small expansion which hides up the back of a CD32 and packs quite a bite itself.

The Subway USB plugs directly into the female Clockport and floats inside the bay area, an IDE-CF adapter with a CF card would be attached via a ribbon, as would any Clockport expansions connected to the regular Clockport. For Clockport expansions that are designed to press directly onto the A1200 motherboard (they don't use a ribbon) a small adapter with two male headers plugged into a ribbon should do, or use a 4-port Clockport expander on a ribbon.

There is plenty of room for all these expansions to hang and float around inside the CD32's expansion bay area since the Redback itself won't fill any of that space.

This way your CD32 gets 8MB FastRAM, IDE storage (which can be broken out two a Master and Slave device if you want to feed a ribbon out, perhaps to a faster CD drive), and expansion possibilities for USB, 16bit Audio + MP3, High-Speed Serial and Parallel, and possibly more expansions in future, like a Funnelweb Wireless Clockport Card.
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Posted by: Rebel-CD32 at August 27, 2012, 03:50:12 AM

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