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NewTek Image
NewTek Image
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Description: The first time I saw this pic was in an Electronics Boutique. It was in a NewTek demo running on an A500. There were several people standing around the A500 watching it and one guy said to another, "I godda get one of those monitors for my pc" and the kid that worked at the store told him that there wasn't anything special about the monitor, that it was the computer. I was standing there just kind of grinning and the guy got mad and walked out. I believe, if I'm correct that this pic was in Dynamic HiRes Ham which was 4,096 colors and also interlaced and boy did it ever look impressive on a 1084S or a TV and it still looks pretty amazing even in its present converted jpeg format.
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Posted by: JC at May 26, 2003, 06:00:04 PM

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Comments (29)

May 23, 2012, 10:34:52 PM
Yes, it looks really impressive. Seems almost true color. Good choice of pallete.
December 13, 2007, 07:05:11 PM
I once figured that you could use 1 bit plane and change that one pixel's pallet every pixel you could do 24 bit graphics on an AGA machine. Don't know if it's actually possible though (you'd need to change pixels 4000000 times per second even at low-res so I guess not).

You wouldn't even need a single bit plane - save the DMA cycles and just change the background palette. It's called copper graphics.  ;-)
October 06, 2006, 04:26:15 AM
My vote goes for Lee Van Cleef. If you stare in his eye you will see the reflection of his Hamster buddy whom he travelled with in a van with Timothy Van Patton... squeak
July 02, 2005, 02:36:49 AM
He looks very... dimply.
he forgot to use his antioxydants! :lol:
July 03, 2004, 08:31:52 PM
Yeah this was amazing when it first came out, really could wow the computer geeks out there

I know, it's because of a NewTek demo I got an Amiga in the first place.

I was looking at the AtariST at the time then I walked into a shop and seen the first NewTek demo and thought sod the ST, I want one of those!


I seem to remember hires HAM was not possible at first but someone later figured out how to do it.  A "Max headroom" series was done using it because it made him look computer generated.

IIRC there was an option in the NewTek video digitiser (remember them?) for Hires HAM but I think you needed extra RAM to use it.

Could of been dynamic Hires, not real HAM mode though.


I once figured that you could use 1 bit plane and change that one pixel's pallet every pixel you could do 24 bit graphics on an AGA machine.  Don't know if it's actually possible though (you'd need to change pixels 4000000 times per second even at low-res so I guess not).
June 19, 2004, 06:37:30 AM
Looks like a colorized image of Hemingway, which is the kind of thing NewTek would have done for a demo.
March 31, 2004, 06:38:03 PM
It was actually a Walden Software store where I saw the demo running not an Electronics Boutique. Ooops. For awhile that store regularly ran NewTek, Psygnosis, and other various demos. It was fun just observing the peoples look of amazment when they came in to watch. It had actually become a sort of attraction. You'd see kids on a regular basis fighting over the Amiga to play the Lemmings demo etc... as the other machines sat there unused. The Amiga computer magazines outnumbered all the others back then. Ahhhh, the good ole days.
February 22, 2004, 12:17:38 AM
He looks very... dimply.
January 31, 2004, 08:56:43 PM
Dinamic Hires, i remember is 16 color per line. :-)
November 28, 2003, 01:24:27 AM
I purchased an A500 w A590 HD 2nd hand (because of the HD) and between the disks wich came with it was a disk that contained a slideshow of some r-rated "porn". The picture quality was quite much the same as this
November 04, 2003, 06:05:44 PM
That's so realistic... I am filled with all the wonder of Amiga yet again, like when I boot from a 1.3 floppy and the icons are all where I remember in the drawers! Sweet joy!
October 27, 2003, 02:56:45 PM

October 25, 2003, 03:07:04 PM
From what I remember from programming the Copper, it took a whole scan line to change the contence of the Palette... Then one would only get a fresh palette every other scanline... Damn it was all so long ago, my memory is all fuzzy :-(

Still most triumphant!!! It nice when one can do somthing with clever tracks rather than brute force.
September 03, 2003, 01:16:44 PM
It's Burt Van Bronson.  ;-)
September 01, 2003, 10:36:24 AM
Hmm, I thought it was Charles Bronson...
August 17, 2003, 11:01:41 AM
A little arrogant boing, but you make a good point :-)

All pre AGA Amiga's had the following limitations on screen modes:

hi-res could never have more than 4 bit planes (normaly 16 colors) - this does not allow for: 32 colors, 64 color / EHB mode, HAM mode
low res allowed for 6 bitplanes which ment 32 color support (5 bitplanes), EHB support(on all but oldest chipsets) and ham support - which used a base palette of 16 colors

hope that clears things up, for those of you who only joined from AGA onwards ;-)
August 05, 2003, 07:26:58 PM
I remember the good old days when Amiga users actually understood their machines.  No wonder the "community" is such a joke.  They don't even understand the most basic concepts.  No wonder they buy into these new faux Amigas.

Look, ANY Amiga can do "Dynamic HiRes" (err, OK, so the new Amigas can't).  Even the original A1000 chipset that lacked EHB.  EHB has NOTHING to do with DHR (which is really a NewTek marketing term).  In fact EHB is applicable only to "low res" (it's six planes and pre-AGA hi-res is limited to 4 planes).

This image is just "Hi-res" with the copper changing  the contents of the color registers when needed.  The original looked better on the Amiga BTW.  I think the program used to convert it to 24-bit (otherwise we couldn't even see it via the web), or the JPEG conversion hosed up a bit.  Most likely the JPG conversion.
July 31, 2003, 04:52:20 AM
The image in question was a software hack by NewTek.  

DynamicHiRes was what the resolution was called.

In fact, a viewer program is still on AmiNet -
DynaShow.lha       gfx/show   154K 713 Use dynamic HiRes to show 4096 colors. V1.1

You are right, in that it's technically not a HAM mode, though.  I think it's a hack of the EHB mode, though and therefore needs an ECS Agnus.

I think ADPro or one of those types of programs could also save JPGs as DynamicHiRes.  :-)
July 27, 2003, 02:07:27 AM
"Dynamic HAM" != hires and ham
And yes, you can't have both hires and ham on A500, that picture is probably hires one.

There is no documentation anywhere showing that you can have hires and ham at the same time on an A500 it cant be done
July 15, 2003, 03:42:27 PM
Newtek did it using some sort of software hack.

It change the 16 colours per scanline using the copper.

Here is a quote from http://www.aminet.net/gfx/show/DynaShow.readme


Dynamic HAM images are HAM images that use a different 16 color base palette on each scan line.  This eliminates most if not all of the HAM "fringing" common to ordinary HAM displays and provides a sharper picture. Dynamic HAM images may be interlace and overscan if desired.

Dynamic HiRes images are 4 bit plane deep, high resolution screens with a different 16 color palette on each scan line. This allows all 4096 colors to be used at once on a high resolution screen. Dynamic HiRes uses dithering to minimize palette limitations and provide the sharpest images possible with a standard Amiga.

And yes, you can't have both hires and ham on A500, that picture is probably hires one.
June 30, 2003, 11:39:21 PM
Newtek did it using some sort of software hack.
June 30, 2003, 05:46:20 AM
Sorry, but there is no way that image is HAM AND HIRES 16 color hires interlaced perhaps, or HAM interlaced, or HAM 64 or 32 color interlaced

but you cant do hires & HAM together on an A500...
June 07, 2003, 02:11:14 AM
See how, good advertising, can work?

On the basis of that NewTek demo, I'm buying an AmigaOne!  :-D

AmigaOne! Relive the magic!
June 06, 2003, 10:01:01 AM
I still have this demo NewTek Demo Reel 3. It's nice.

Hey, it's even on Aminet, search here.
June 05, 2003, 08:34:28 PM
Yeah this was amazing when it first came out, really could wow the computer geeks out there :-o
June 02, 2003, 06:15:41 PM
Not really sure to be honest. I guess the only way to find out would be to ask the Newtekers who created the demo way back when.
June 02, 2003, 12:00:00 AM
Are you sure it's Burt Reynolds? To me it looks more like Lee van Cleef (i.e. the bad guy in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly).
May 26, 2003, 08:47:53 PM
Yes, I believe it is.
May 26, 2003, 08:44:08 PM
Its Burt Reynolds  :-D

Kick it Reynolds style  ;-)

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