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Author Topic: The Crypt 22 is now out!  (Read 2231 times)


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The Crypt 22 is now out!
« on: March 10, 2002, 12:52:52 AM »
The Crypt mag.Issue 22 is now here, and with a change in Staff members and a change in the way we bring The Crypt to you, these are exciting times for us!

First of all we have the wonderful news that Vulcan Software, the      makers of the Valhalla series of Amiga games, have now ported the series over to the PC, so you can once again enjoy the adventures of those lovable characters and their adventures, brought to you through the Vulcan Portal,      (What is that? And what does it do? Find out inside.) Even better news for us is that Vulcan Software are now a major sponsor of The Crypt, so we will be bringing you all the latest news and game reviews from them. And to start things off with a bang, we have an Exclusive interview with Paul Carrington, MD of Vulcan Software, and his candid views on why he left the Amiga games market to concentrate on the PC games area. We also bring you all the latest news of the AmigaOne, and pictures and first hand accounts from the Alt-WOA show. We then bring you a review of Dreamworld Developments new game, CrossfireII.
      We all know how important a virus checker is, but how good is the FREE AVG
      Virus Checker for the PC? Need to know how to print out those great looking
      CDR labels? We show you how. You take the High road ... and we'll show you
      how to make the most wonderful Scottish food with our great recipe page,
      also we delve deep into the myths and legends of Scotland to help you understand
      those Whisky drinking, Monster loving people. Back then to the Amiga with
      a review on the New Mediator A4000, and a Pagestream review to help you
      make the most of that important piece of software. Ever wanted to chat online
      with your Amiga? Then Birdy`s AmIRC tutorial is the thing for you. As this
      is the biggest issue we have ever made then you would expect there to be
      a lot of contributions from yourselves, and you haven't disappointed us,
      as you have sent in jokes and articles by the lorry load! We have everything
      covered from Chris's caravanning items to a mind numbing puzzle page, check
      them out, you won't believe your eyes! In fact there is so much in The Crypt
      22 that I can't list it all here, just pop in and have a look yourselves.