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AuthorTopic: WTB UK Action Replay Mk 3 for Amiga 500 and 1.5MB+ trapdoor memory card  (Read 1095 times)

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Offline CLXIV

Hello, I'm looking for an Action Replay Mk 3 for Amiga 500 and 1.5MB+ trapdoor memory card to take total up to 2MB.

Payment via anything with buyer protection (so not Paypal gift).

Offline AndyFC

You can buy new mem expansions which will come with support and warranty eg https://amigastore.eu/en/710-amiga-500-512kb2mb-memory-expansion-rtc.html

The version of the Agnus chip in the 500 will determine the maximum chip ram you can have but it can be replaced.
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Offline CLXIV

Really good point - thanks! It didn't even occur to me that these might be still being manufactured.

It seems it's not quite as plug-and-play as the classic cards - I also have to pop something over the Gary for this one to work. But I think even I could handle that  ;D