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AuthorTopic: FA: floppy drive, Textomat, Datamat, laser printer and many more  (Read 736 times)

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I have listed a few Amiga items on ebay, have a look:

original floppy drive from Amiga 500 (inkl. cables, screws, etc.) and other amiga models as well

Kyocera duplex, network laser printer

Textomat Amiga

Datamat Amiga

as well as a few other Amiga items beginning above EUR 1,- (Maestro Pro soundcard, M2Amiga Modula2 development system, VXL030 turbocard with memory add on, flickerfixer, Techno Sound Turbo (boxed), Agnus 8371 and many many(!) more)

Shipping is worldwide (from Germany), auctions are beginning at EUR 1,-.


ending this sunday are a lot of other amiga items as well