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AuthorTopic: FS:CDTV games + Second Samurai A500.  (Read 158 times)

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FS:CDTV games + Second Samurai A500.
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:57:04 PM »
I have the psygnosis demo promo disc. Sneak peeks at demos and psygnosis games that never were.

Town with no name: In very good condition, disc, box and inlay card.

In good condition, one of the box clips is broken, manual in good nick if a tad water bent.

Wrath of the demon: In very good condition, box inlay card and disc. (I paid 50 pounds english for this on e-bay)

Advanced military systems: Interactive multimedia disc.

Second Samurai- A500 big-box: In very good condition, some minor  tears to the box, it was quite thin to begin with, Discs manual and  cards included. I need to test the disks in my a1200 to see if fully  working.

I am open to offers as I want to raise some cash and am having a clear  out. I also have a lot of old amiga games in my parents place, not sure  what works after all these years though. Something for another day.

I am located in Ireland but can post anywhere in the world. All pal disks of course. Pics attached but max limit reached so no pics of second samurai unless requested.:)