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AuthorTopic: amiga 2000 parts for sale  (Read 660 times)

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amiga 2000 parts for sale
« on: May 09, 2006, 04:38:11 PM »
i have the following parts for the amiga 2000 for sale
if you are interested e-mail me i am pricing them at what i believe to be a fair market price.

ram board uses simms instead of zip chips presently has 4 megs of ram onboard no name on board only the line
"How swede it is" PCB 007 Ewv 1.1.........50.00 dollars
accelerator Commodore 2630 30Mhz fully populated with zips
believe it to be 4 megs...................65.00
scsi card commodore 2091 with rev 6.6 roms believe it has at least 2 megs on board maybe 4, no scsi harddrive but i do have a couple small ones i could thrown in....65.00
(75.00) with small harddrive.
one amiga 2000 power supply .....................45.00
one commodore amiga scan doubler/flicker fixer also known as the "amber card" this allows you to use a vga monitor on your 2000 quite handy and works good...........85.00

if you want them all in one package we will discuss a package deal. otherwise sale in USA only.
postal money order only. the price on the cards includes shipping, cannot do that on the power supply as it weighs a bit........
contact me via e-mail please, i do have good feedback on ebay (100%) i would prefer to sell this stuff to you amiga users cause e-bay prices are outta sight.

regards james portsmouth va
e-mail address james (underscore) 23703 at yahoo dot com
if the prices seem to steep then why not make an offer on what you want?