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AuthorTopic: A3660 PCBs For Sale  (Read 911 times)

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A3660 PCBs For Sale
« on: March 13, 2022, 01:08:28 PM »
I have 3 2 1 Chucky A3660 bare PCBs for sale. They are Rev. 1.1 (see attached image). The price per Board is less than ebay and I don't collect sales tax (LOL hint).
Buyer pays $20 per Board + Shipping + Paypal fees or Paypal gift/friend payment. Paypal purchase payments require shipping to a Paypal confirmed address and must use the USPS Priority mail flat rate option. Paypal gift/friend buyers can use either the USPS First class package option (cost varies by ZIP code) or the USPS Priority mail flat rate option.

International shipping is probably not worth the effort or the risk. But of course, there are some who will inquire about it anyway. So here are the terms.

Buyer must pay using the Paypal gift/friend option. Buyer pays 20 USD per Board + Shipping + Paypal currency exchange fee.

Shipping will be via USPS First Class mail. WARNING: This shipping method is untracked and uninsured but it also is the least expensive shipping method. Therefore, buyers who are unwilling to accept the risk should NOT declare interest. Import duties and VAT vary by country so please consider them before declaring interest.

Some example shipping costs are:
Canada 15 USD (varies by ZIP code)

Sorry, there will be no shipping to EU member states (due to new regulations from July 1, 2021). There will be no shipping to countries on the U.S. Government's sanction list either.
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Re: A3660 PCBs For Sale
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2022, 01:24:54 PM »
Holy nuisance posts Batman, it's bump time. ;D

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Re: A3660 PCBs For Sale
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2022, 03:07:58 PM »
Okay, bump #2 with updated international terms. Holy... ;D
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Re: A3660 PCBs For Sale
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2022, 01:50:11 PM »
Holy memory loss Batman. I've been so busy I forgot to bump this thread.  ;D
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