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AuthorTopic: OS3.5 Disk data recovery on OS3.0....  (Read 526 times)

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OS3.5 Disk data recovery on OS3.0....
« on: March 13, 2004, 09:37:44 PM »
Hey there people, its bin a while since i was last here, nice update to the site btw :)


to cut a long story short, is there anyway of getting the files back from a drive that had been formatted on a KS3.1 OS3.5 A4000, but is now used on a KS3.0 OS3.0 A1200? an accident happened involving a working 5.1Gb drive from said OS3.5 machine being put into said OS3.0 machine. one of the problems with the 1200 not having a working realtime clock was that the dates on the files were in the future and cause some issues with some software. so stupidly used quarterback tools to check the disk (had sprouted a read error) and it said it would fix the dates, so let it get on with it. it all finished, and rebooted, and the drive was blank. no partiton layout, no nothing.

trouble is the data partition went beyond the "4Gb limit" and since then, the partition layout has been changed, but no data has been written to the drive above the fist 100Mb (my standard boot partition) it the faint possibility of recovering the data... i have disksalv now going through the disk for anything recoverable, but as i hadn't backed up the RDB, am i totally screwed?

if i am screwed, any ideas where i can get a netconnect serialcode or key file from, as now it can't access the network to share printers and CDroms and the like. my Mui/Frogger/LHA/ etc etc. key files i don't mind, as i'll just pay for these again, but netconnect is prooving somewhat more difficult.

any thoughts ideas or suggestions greatly appriciated  :-)
didi i say "cut a long story short?" oops.

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