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AuthorTopic: [XPOST] To All AROS users/aficionados in Los Angeles County and surroundings...  (Read 994 times)

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Offline saimon69

Last december I sent my papers for the 2011 SCALE intervention about AROS, and i also tried to apply for a booth; despite the talk has been not accepted, the good news is that i got a booth at SCALE in name of AROS;
this year SCALE will be held at the LAX hilton (close to the airport) and AROS booth will be the number 58 in the main expo salon;
the less good news is that am alone and have little adequate hardware to show (just my wife netbook and maybe my old laptop): so am calling for any volunteer AROS user that lives in Los Angeles Area/Orange County area or even San Gabriel Valley area if they are available to join me in hosting the booth at SCALE in february 25 to february 27 2011; the SCALE will be held this time at the LAX hilton and complimentary passes will be provided to me and who will do the expo with me.

If you want to help with the diffusion of AROS you can email me at simonebernacchia[roundcurlythingy]gmail[littlespot]com or leave me PM here or in aros-exec, thanks!
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