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AuthorTopic: Commodore USA's Final Challenge to the Community  (Read 19757 times)

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Re: Commodore USA's Final Challenge to the Community
« Reply #300 on: January 28, 2012, 04:29:50 PM »
Quote from: takemehomegrandma;673752
Exactly, or more specifically, they only own the "OS4 additions" to Amiga OS, and that Amiga OS *is still owned* by Amiga Inc, and without it there can be no OS4! So again – Hyperion *did not* win anything, they *don't* own Amiga OS, and they *are not* independent of Amiga Inc.

While I agree with your signature (MOS is AmigaOS done right, or done better) this is quite untrue.

Hyperion is independent company from Amiga Inc. and always was. There are no OS 4 additions, but as you know since the recompile and lot of changes, it is considered to be a new version of OS. So yes, Amiga Inc owns AmigaOS 3.1 and Hyperion owns OS 4.1. When we take away emulation purposes, Hyperion owns AmigaOS as something to be developed.

AmigaOS 3.1 was not developed by AmigaInc they just own it as asset of transfers, so there is no direct relevance here either.

Hyperion got a settlement, where AmigaOS belongs to them and Amiga name can be rented (licenced) by Amiga Inc. Direct result of the second is CUSA, which owns its Amiga line existance and Commodore Amiga forum to Amiga Inc licence (in this terms CUSA Amiga line is dependent on Amiga Inc licence) but as we see Amiga Inc will sell the name unlimitedly (as with ICoin).
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