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Title: Next FCUG meeting - Saturday, March 16
Post by: RobertB on March 12, 2019, 07:45:09 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day, C= and Ami aficionados!
     The Fresno Commodore User Group has its next meeting from 11 a.m. to 2:00+ p.m., Saturday, March 16, at

  Bobby Salazar's Mexican Restaurant
  2839 North Blackstone Ave. (corner of Blackstone and Michigan)
  Fresno, California
  (559) 227-1686

Note the different day for our meeting, a Saturday instead of a Sunday!
     In this meeting, we'll talk about the Commodore L.A. Super Show which is getting near, and v.p. Roger will talk about program transfer via television video!  (Watch the flashing light!)  He'll even have a Youtube video that shows how this done.  Another one is Rob Clarke's Youtube video on the rare Commodore PET 4010 Voice Response Unit!
     The Ultimate 64 ( comes back with a new firmware revision, a newly-painted case, and a new carrying case.  Also the Amiga 600 returns, this time with a one megabyte Chip RAM expander from 
     In software, we have a busy schedule of items.  For the VIC-20, we have Go-moku (24K expansion), Snake, Spaceship, and Two Days to the Race (32K expansion), Realms of Quest V Beta Track, and Purple Planet Yo (32K expansion).  For the C64, we have Bruce Lee - Return to Fury, Boulderdash Junior II, and Street Defender v1.6 for the VR64.  For the Plus/4, we have Two Days to the Race (yup, a version for this machine), Go-moku (yup, another version for this machine), and Tenebra Macabre.  For the C128, we have Knight Lore v1.10 (40 and 80-column versions), Two Days to the Race (another platform version), and the Space Invaders demo.
     If you have anything for Ray Carlsen to repair, give it to me, because I'll be leaving for the Pacific Northwest in a few days.

       Hoping for no snow on the road at the California/Oregon border,
       Robert Bernardo
       Fresno Commodore User Group -