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Title: Help Conversion to PC or printout of old Amiga prog
Post by: stumpy on February 29, 2016, 07:02:29 PM
Hi. I am not good at programming but was incentivised to write a pigeon  breeder's database with Amiga Basic, which I would like to use once more, or to  refer to, when trying to write a new one with Just Basic for PC.

I  have started pigeon breeding again, Birmingham Rollers and Dewlaps, and  still have copies of my old program, both raw and compiled, on floppies  and wondered if anyone would consider converting them for PC, or would  perhaps just print out the program itself.

I have looked and  realize I could not cope with this myself so would much  appreciate it  if anyone would kindly do it for me, any necessary expense paid of  course.

Please pm if you can assist.