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AuthorTopic: Here is our site guidelines just in case some of you are not familiar with them  (Read 6857 times)

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Quote from: J-Golden;651018
:lol: Shhhhh!  Don't tell anyone but they think I'm an Iraqi!  He he!  Wait till I get home to AMERICA!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  That right I have infiltrated your A.ORG and now it's MINE!!!! ALL MINE!!!!

Delete this very private PM after reading...

;)Mums the word (or should that be Muhammad) Just hope no-one finds out your real name is Saddam GoldenMiddleFinger... :eek:

PS:How you gonna get all those WMDs (Womans Marketstall Dresses) past Homeland Security... Idea  just tell em their full length balaclavas for very shy skiers, that should fool em... :D

Now for stage two of this cunningly and very crafty takeover plot... :)

D'ya think anyone's onto us yet... :nervous:

This Message Will Self Destruct In Ten Seconds...

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Things have been getting a bit lax of late which is why these were posted.

Read and pay heed.

Off topic banter moved here.

int p; // A