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Author Topic: Request about OS Development  (Read 24772 times)


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Re: Request about OS Development
« Reply #89 from previous page: December 02, 2017, 12:42:28 AM »
And let us not forget logical volumes!

Windows tried to do it with "libraries" but in true MS fashion made it complicated/unusable from command-line.

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Re: Request about OS Development
« Reply #90 on: December 02, 2017, 12:57:18 AM »
Wow, multiple partition booting in MacOs is tedious! Bootcamp does not support more than one Mac partition separating into one Mac partition plus one Windows partition!!! If anything goes wrong with a multi-partition system created AFTER the Bootcamp set up then there is no way to get Bootcamp Assistant to aid in the Partition Table repair!! That really sucks. There are guides on the internet but hacking away at TestDisk PDisk and Gdisk to save your system and data is NOT fun! Plus the chances of destroying you partition table is VERY high if you decide to change the sizes of any partition even though in theory it's a supported feature! I hope the AmigaOS handles multi partition booting with Linux better than the Mac does with Windows :-( Plus Apple stops you installing Snow Leopard on a virtual machine by demanding you buy the £150+ server edition DVD rather than the standard 'client' version that came free with Macs from that era!!! Evil empire me thinks :-(
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Re: Request about OS Development
« Reply #91 on: December 02, 2017, 06:36:52 AM »
Quote from: psxphill;833668

You'll always find examples like that. I knew someone who had been using a BBC micro for running a custom lighting rig for 30 years. Like the amiga running an air conditioner, it didn't really make much sense. You could use something more modern, more reliable, more supportable.

So what if its more "modern".  Do you need a more modern hammer?

The A2000 running the heating and cooling for 30 years.  Needed a scsi drive changed twice and they wore out a couple of mice.  The software was written in C by a student of the school with very little down time. Can't complain the reliability

To replace it the quote is $1.5 million to $2 million.  When asked why it hasn't been replace a spokesman said "because it just works".  I hear that said about Linux, but this time it really is true.

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Re: Request about OS Development
« Reply #92 on: December 02, 2017, 08:55:23 AM »
Quote from: Thomas Richter;833691
Unfortunately - and this is a typical Linux thing - so many multiply different that solve so many multiply different problems that it is close to useless.

Amiga datatypes have the same problem, as soon as you go out of their scope then you have to reinvent the wheel.

Quote from: stefcep2;833704
To replace it the quote is $1.5 million to $2 million.  When asked why it hasn't been replace a spokesman said "because it just works".  I hear that said about Linux, but this time it really is true.

"the computer and the associated system will be replaced at a cost of around $2 million"

It's the radio modems between the 19 sites that are the problem. According to the article it doesn't "just work" at all.

"Because they share the same frequency as our maintenance communications radios and operations maintenance radios - it depends on what we're doing - yes, they do interfere," Hopkins said.

If that happens, "we have to clear the radio and get everyone off of it for up to 15 minutes."

It would be possible to replace the modems with something like a raspberry pi which takes the data from the amiga and transmits the data over the internet instead, but then why do you need the amiga at all?

They are currently reliant on an ex pupil who set it up, that happens to still live in the area.

Without a breakdown of what they are going to spend the 2 million dollars on, it's hard to know whether it's value for money. The Amiga replaced an earlier computer, so it's very likely that a lot of the equipment is much older & also in need of replacement.

If a salesman comes in and says we can replace it all for 2 million dollars and we'll support it, or if you want to keep individual parts then you better write us a blank cheque and any problems will be on your own head then most people will pay the 2 million. The people making the decision are probably sick of the "sorry can't do any work, got to wait 15 minutes because of the air conditioning computer".
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Re: Request about OS Development
« Reply #93 on: December 03, 2017, 04:27:25 PM »
Quote from: wawrzon;833662
as others said. amiga is good for what it does, because of legacy and backwards compatibility. and it applies to vampire/apolloas much if not more then to the other options.

now, throw out shared memory space and messaging by pointers in order to get some memory protection..

throw out amiga os legacy balast for contemporary features, you will lose that compatibility and will get some sort of linux distribution. already enough genuinely missing components of amiga os, such as networking are just ports from other systems, for instance bsd. i cant imagine a realistic way to achieve a new "amiga os" other than simply putting together a choice of existing open source software. btw, it will become as bloated according to the features you expect. there are poeople that complain aros takes 10mb disk space (without fonts) and doesnt run on bare 68000, you know?

considering above, there are the vlid options:

1. stay with what you have or follow the consevative improvement patch based on ganuine sources, as proposed by thor and olsen.

2. design an open os as compatible with the genuine and incorporating as much modern features as possible, which is aros.

all else is insane.

Amen to this!